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    For now, we won't be accepting anyone else to the server. Feel free to post applications but for now we will use it as a notice board for current members.
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    Hey guys In about 3 hours im going to buying and paying for a tekkit lite server. And i want other people to have a server they can play if im going to spend my money. Spread the love! Please just fill this out so i have a general idea on what ill be adding to the whitelist. Thanks guys! IGN: AGE: Maturity Level: Favorite Mods: Why do you want to join: Thanks again! Server will be open around 3:30 EST
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    Problem with download

    This is usually not a Technic issue. Authentication and core file download always occurs with Mojang servers, and this can happen when either those servers are having problems, or your client cannot reach them for some reason. Check with Mojang support about server status, and make sure no security software on your system is actively blocking access to them. Yes, this does happen. If you need further assistance, take your issue to the tracker, where it belongs.
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    For anyone having issues with too many Concapedes, my girlfriend was having the same issue and found a solution. Go into the Lycanite's Jungle Mobs config file, and turn on Natural Despawning for the Concapedes. As it is now, they will never despawn, so they just build up more and more.
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    That's actually not a battletower, notice there aren't really chests laid out in the same pattern as there would be in a battletower. Anyway, the problem is with ruins mod. There are some templates that are old that need to be removed because they still use item IDs instead of item names so they don't parse correctly. As for the mobs no longer being peaceful, this is something new with project zulu. Most mobs that were peaceful before now have an aggro setting in configuration file. So they attack on site.
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    Claytonia Adventure RPG server

    A faction of void worshiping cultists is growing in members. Orcs are also beginning to make their presence known. Who will defend the land against these impending threats? Join us in the world of Sanctuary to either maintain peace or wreak havoc!
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    Claytonia Adventure RPG server

    Hey guys if want to join us on this epic server we can go on adventure together and maybe we could go defeat some bosses
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    Same here, hopefully it will be fixed soon.


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