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  1. I've figured it out. I think When you download the latest launcher, it shows up as a .app-right click and navigate to more info. Remove the .app to make it a folder. hit enter and close that window, then on your desktop (or wherever the .app was) there will be a folder called technic-Click on this and navigate the following path: Contents/Java/TechnicLauncher.jar double click this and the launcher will open. If anybody more adept to code a script that opens that, go ahead, It would be something around: ~Users/(user)/Desktop/Technic/Contents/Java/TechnicLauncher.jar and then an open command. If anybody wants to do a tutorial or a github on that, I would pray on the ground you walk on. Cheers, Modders. I just solved the equivalent to world hunger for Minecraft. yay!
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