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  1. ​Only took 2.5 years! At least use original artwork...
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  2. CanVox

    Technic API

    I can't provide example code, but here's how to hit the API.  Please be responsible with your API usage- cache information and don't hit the API more than once per hour or so.  We don't want to have to lock it down because people using the API for stuff like this sounds really cool to us, but if people use the API irresponsibly and cost us a lot of money, we'll have to do something about it. The other thing is that the API is for the launcher first.  We may change it without notice.  We'll help you get acclimated if you ask us about changes in #technic on SynIRC, but your s
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  3. ol' omaorb has been working out!
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