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    Attack of the B-Team 1.7.10

    Had a major crash on my server which resulted in 3 weeks of down time trying to figure out the issue. Turned out to be Advanced Genetics crashing on the DNA Breeder block, even after I removed it with McEdit. Finally got it back online but decided to reset in the new year with a new pack. For this, I've decided to rebuild the Attack of the B-Team modpack in 1.7.10. Right now, I'm going through all of the mods in the current pack and getting all details and permissions on them and am also in the works of slowly adding them to a test pack. Once all of the mods are in, I will go through the configs and get them as close to the current pack as possible. I'll also release the test builds once all base mods are in and also after most of the config changes are made. The intent is to make this pack public since I have seen a demand for a 1.7.10 version of the pack, so with that in mind, what do you guys think would be appropriate changes? Whether it be adding/removing mods, config changes, etc, let me know. Talking mainly for the base pack. If you want a particular mod which doesn't really work with the theme of the pack, I probably won't add it to my build. Also, there are a few mods which aren't updated for 1.7 yet which I'm guessing is the main thing holding the official pack back, but I will do my best to get everything.


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