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    IP: ------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the Vitriol post ------------------------------------------------------ This is a small server that is personal We are social and partner up with friends to build, so make sure you're social We found it hard to find a good pack for us, so we created a pack of our own Our Vitriol Pack link: http://bit.ly/1b8JAip ------------------------------- Rules ------------------------------- 1) Griefing and Stealing is not allowed [Doing so will result in permanent ban] 2) Hacking [spawning items, cloning, exploits, ext. will result in permanent ban] 3) Looks around your area [Look around to see if anyone is living close to where you plan to settle. If so ask if you can live around the area or move farther] 4) AFKing [there is no afk kick but if you are going afk tell someone else on the server. if no one is on tell use on skype] 5) Chat [we are all teens to adults we may say something bad or inappropriate] *If you discriminant or insult because of {gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or mental disability both parties will get temp-ban to take and fix the issue} 6) Keep the world clean [Don't leave trees half cut off, no pillars, use land that you need, creeper holes] First warning if too common you will be banned 7) Your account, your responsibility ["My family/ or friend did it" will not matter. If your account does something, you will get punished] 8) Build Rules [Rules that are at someones build must be followed. {sign says: do not enter} you must not enter] 9) Use common sense [Any behavior resulting in inconveniences or annoyance to other player should not be done] 10) Always report [If any of these rules are broken and you don't report or tell the person doing it to stop] when found out you will be temp banned] 11) Active [If you are not active for 2 weeks you will be banned, we want active people] *Any ban can be removed if you can give a solid accuse. ------------------------------- Application ------------------------------- IGN: Age: How long have you played Minecraft: What you like to build: Something about you: Skype(you can dm me it):
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    The real problem is the accounts are actual people registering accounts manually then spamming the forums. edit: Made some changes to the registration process that will hopefully help.


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