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    Tekkit plugins?

    Go to youtube and search for :How to setup a modded minecraft servers with bukkit plugins It will be one with a big yellow text Thats the one Worked for me
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    Thank you so much! Your the man Plowmanplow! That's has got it fixed. Found the offending file you mentioned and corrected it. You've saved me days of further frustration. And thanks again Disconsented, your program works a treat.
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    LF A Tekkit Home {1.2.9f}

    Wow. Usually these "I'm too lazy to search myself, find a server for me." posts are atleast in the relevant modpack discussion/server section. But you. You've gone above and beyond the typical lazy by not even bothering to scroll down on the main forum index. Bravo to you sir. Bra. Vo.


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