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  1. BRAND NEW SERVER! We are looking for fun, active, friendly, awsome, cool, Trustworthy people to join this new, whitelisted, 10 slot server! This is an all out vannila Attack of the B-Team Server with no plugins to keep it as LAG FREE as possible! We have NO-BANNED ITEMS and accept all ages to come and hang out in the fun of Mods! We have very little rules that are most appropriate. NO STEALING EVERY SINGLE THING UNLESS AT WAR ; NO GRIEFING UNLESS AT WAR ; NO TOTAL BASE DESTRUCTION ; NO RANDOMLY KILLING PEOPLE UNLESS GOOD REASON OR AT WAR! These are the only rules, and dont try to "Barley" brea
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  2. Munaus

    L:aunch Help

    you can't launch Hexxit..... so you posted your bug report on Tekkit modpack bug section? sigh. Moved to correct location
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  3. I've always been an error.
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  4. Server is 2 weeks old and 2 days ... growing daily! NICE Community! Check us out! Kall
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