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    Hi, I am interested in the S3 feature of this program but I am unsure what to enter in the service URI. For laughs I entered http://<my_bucket_name>.s3.amazonaws.com/ and when I clicked test it said connection successful. I already have an S3 bucket created but nothing ever shows up in the listbox. I'm not sure how to configure this. Any help would be much appreciated! -Dustin EDIT: Why is it that every time I finally ask for help, I figure it out five minutes later?? Why universe why!? Use the following as the service URI: https://s3.amazonaws.com/
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    I decided to give it a go a while ago when I learned how easy they made it to revert. So far it's not *amazing*, but it's not terrible either. The dongle I bought to use with wireless Xbox 360 controllers doesn't work currently, but I suspect a driver re-install will fix that. If you don't like the data collection that MS is doing, in addition to tuning all the privacy-related settings, you can add these entries to your hosts file to curb it. (The file is found in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Remember to remove the read-only attribute before you try to edit it.) And yes, these will probably break Cortana, but if you were going to go as far as editing your hosts file, you probably weren't going to use her anyways. I haven't had any issues after adding these, but your milage may vary, I am not responsable, blah blah blah, etc. EDIT: This hidden dark theme tweak is also nice, makes it a little easier on the eyes.
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    Modding News 2

    Melfice, just leave the politically incorrect jokes to us dirty old men. Or two healthy women and 2 of those women from total recall.
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    Modding News 2

    In the grim darkness of the far future, when Humanity has to send an entire planetary colonization fleet just to find five women...
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    Developing a modpack team

    I'm probably not exactly your target audience since I have no interest in making public packs, but from my point of view, I can tell you that you haven't given people a lot of incentive to join your group. There's no idea for a pack given other than one that the general public will like, which to me implies "kitchen sink" even if that's not what you mean. That's not to say that a general pack can't still be good, but the popular pack groups out there these days tend to make heavily customized and themed ones, which have a tendency to overshadow the traditional kind. You haven't said whether you own any servers or anything that the group can work from, or more importantly, to host the pack at. You also haven't stated your own abilities and what you'll contribute to your group, or your previous experience at such things. One of the first things that someone with skills and experience looks for when joining a group is whether the group leader is a contributor or an idea guy. Not trying to criticize you, but you might have better luck if you give potential members more to go on.


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