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  1. AetherPirate

    Mod rejected

    Zip up your server and Dropbox it, and post the link.
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  2. ENGLISH: Hello! I'm back with a new package for you! Apparently people have abandoned the Tekkit, and I am here for those people who are looking for a good texture pack for Tekkit. Today I propose the Faithful, as before but fot Tekkit Lite. Good game! ITALIAN: Hey! Rieccomi con un nuovo pacchetto per voi! A quanto pare la gente ha abbondonato la Tekkit, e io sono qua per quelle persone che cercano una buona texture pack per la Tekkit. Oggi vi propongo la Faithful, come l'altra volta, solo che รจ per Tekkit Lite. Buon gioco! Texture Pack: DOWNLOAD
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  3. First off, make sure all your mods are in .zip format. If they're not and you don't know who to fix that, do like this: 1. Put your .jar mods in a sepperate folder on your dekstop. 2. Right click on one and click "pack up here" 3. When you got all the files from the mod, select all of them, right click and choose "add to archive" 4. Change it so it is a .zip format and rename it to that mod. 5. Now you have a .zip mod instead of a .jar mod. Put it in the mods folder and it should work! If it still doesn't work, get your modpack.zip file and drag it into C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\Your Modpack\cache
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