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  1. I was playing last night in a pixelmon server and my pc crashed. When i load it back up i wasnt able to get on the launcher. It was giving me an invalid user name or password error. I reset my password tons of times successfully but still wasn't able to log on to the launcher. After a few hours it fixed it self and, and I was able to get back in it. Today the same thing happen my pc restarted while I was in the game and my acc once again is lock no matter how many time i change my password I cant access the launcher.
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  2. Soupa

    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    I bought a weeaboo table I'm fucking dead inside Also I joined a Weeaboo comic club at my college and made a comic. Take a guess which one is mine. I didn't get paid. Never again.
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  3. Okay, this clearly wan't announced to anyone on this page, so I will take the liberty of doing it myself. This server is no longer whitelisted. Anyone can join. Nobody needs to apply anymore. Just go on the dang server. There's no point in making applications anymore.
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