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    Server IP: bteam.endercraft.com Server version: 1.0.12c Our B-Team server (based on Bukkit) has tons of useful plugins. For pure, fun B-Team, check out our server! We keep everything organized and the administration is quick to remove griefers or players that threaten the friendly feel of the community. It's a safe place to build your next awesome creation or just to hang out and have a leisurely gaming experience. Our server is a community - if you've got a suggestion or issue, we'll listen! For a tutorial on how to join the server and a list of banned items go here: http://endercraft.com/btinformation Server specs Intel Xeon 1270 v2 32 GB DDR3 RAM 128GB Samsung SSD 1 GB/S Uplink Server IP: bteam.endercraft.com Server version: 1.0.12c Website: http://endercraft.com/ Teamspeak: voice.endercraft.com:4322
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    Hey Digeridont420, you seem to have had a bad time However, I do recall almost all of these events you quote, having been there and watched the discussion. I'll try to briefly discuss what actually happened 1. The player was disregarding what the admin was saying, despite said admin having both a job and hobby in the field. after multiple insults from the player, and a high level of disrespect, the player was banned. 2. The player had cheated items. The admin was purely removing the items to stop both an economy and game crash 3. This admin would be Foreen. Nice person she is. At that time, there were several hackers attempting to break the server (from what I could tell). She was going to help the kid afterwards. The bomb threat did not help. And as for playing minecraft, that right there is dedication, not a fault. 4. I at no point remember chests being banned. There may have been things that look like chests, in fact called energy condensers, that were temporarily banned due to exploits. I believe it was fixed later that day. 5.Seeing as you can send a pm to anyone, private messages are treated pretty much the same as global chat. This is a family friendly server. 6. 'According to some people'. People who are probably the same ones that got annoyed at admins for busting their cheat system. 7. Yes, this is called mini-modding, and if you read /rules, you'd know not to try. If it's an admin's job, let the admins do it. They probably were fixing it, then you walked right in and stuffed it up. 8. There is lag. It comes with modpacks. However, due to lag, people spam it. So now admins both have to stop spam, and try to fix lag. Then once they get everyone to be quiet (takes a while), then they can START working on fixing the lag. If anyone is to blame I'd say the people spamming. 9.Nope, nope and nope. Restarts are scheduled every 2 hours, take about a minute, maybe two to start back up, and help with the lag a lot. 10. It's well easy enough to make a quarry, and people will ALWAYS buy diamonds. Plus, with jobs plugin, voting is not the only way to make money. Heck, I'm not even sure what I use money for. And on your 'outro', as it is, you insult admins. And contrary to what you seem to think, you don't get banned for talking, neither are the staff stupid (as you infer, oh look, another insult). Good day, sir.
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    Looks like the previous build on this branch was #229. The modpack should either roll back to #283 or update to #285 or later.
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    The best attack of the b-team server i have ever gone to. Great community, great and helpful staff, its really a good server to spend your time on. All ages of minecrafters helping each other out whenever a question is brought upon, which i love so much. Try out the server and I'll see you there! -EmperorSR
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    A Really good server only thing i don't like is you cant sell things to get money but other than that VERY good server IGN:ricknova75
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    This server has been great to me. Ive been staffing for a good 6 or 5 months and it couldnt be better. The server runs great. never had any lag issues other then when my internet is bad, and my fellow staff member's are also very helpful. So if your looking for a great B-Team server then Endercraft is where u need to go. See you there!
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    I had the same problem. Looking at the server logs, it seems to be this issue: https://github.com/MachineMuse/MachineMusePowersuits/issues/608#issuecomment-160475405 Build 284 appears to be from an older branch.
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    Modpack request!

    Your modpack that is now complete also i made server ready for it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3s4m1tyrddq65b/Server.zip?dl=0 and here link for the modpack: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/modernwarfare164 (put in the search bar at launcher) Allocate atleast 2gb to launcher 2.5 is recommended thought Have a nice time playing ! Recommended settings for minecraft


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