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    PLEASE NOTE: This pack is designed for one specific server which is why we provide no server files. Please do not attempt to replicate our server. Thank you. MODPACK LINK - http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wild-west-frontier.185231 API (copy and paste this into technic launcher); http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/wild-west-frontier Having Issues? Please look here: http://wildwest.retg.net/common-fixes/ Our Official Discord Climb aboard the modpack that throws you back to the days of the ol' west. We aim to provide an authentic yet fun experience to satisfy the desires of any western loving person. Old Screenshots Here you will find custom content, including new guns and artwork, a item based economy with a separate land deed system for towns. This server is full PvP so gang together to survive bandits or become bandits yourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Community We take a very relaxed stance with players and generally allow most things as long as they are not derogatory to any player or the server (i.e. Racism, Abuse, Hacks, Exploits) so feel free to make yourself at home without fear. Our community has been around for over 3 years now and we have accomplished a lot in that time and we hope to continue with our accomplishments. We really do hope you enjoy your stay with us, no matter what the length. For more info about us, please check our site wildwest.retg.net Standard community rules: 1. No Hacking. 2. No exploitation of bugs or glitches. 3. No racism, religious speech or other idealism. 4. Dont harass other players and community members. 5. No spamming, advertising or excessive swearing/CAPS. 6. Respect the staff - They are here for you. 7. Do not abuse staff members, we are here to help and we try hard to keep a low ban rate. 8. Have fun! Wild West Frontier specific rules: 9. Dont use /sethome or /back in others claimed territory or to reengage in PVP. 10. Please try to make your town a town, we dont like seeing underground bases. 11. Have your town be "raid"able. Have entrances(doors/gates/ect) to your town/houses. Just so people have a "chance" of getting a jump on you, or you forgetting to close it. 12. Dont make any lagmachines/ pointless contraptions. 13. Destroying/blocking roads (or near 3 blocks of one) are not allowed, and is harshly punished. And remember: An Admins word is final!
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    Website: http://apocgaming.org | Server IP: TRPG.APOCGAMING.ORG | Discord: https://discord.gg/uctbDQb Technic Modpack Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/apocalyptic-gaming-tech-rpg.363244 For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here: http://apocgaming.org/servers AGN is a community of gamers for minecraft and other online games founded in 1999 for gaming and setup in 2010 for minecraft servers. We host independently from Zilacon's own privately hosted dedicated servers. (Bungeecord, Vanilla, & Tekkit Classic are on a paid host. All others are hosted by Zilacon) I pride myself in hosting and managing high performance servers with virtually zero down time. All of our servers have deadlock, lag, and crash detection. Automated restart scripts, entity clearing/merging, spawn limits, timing adjustments, etc. To make the server run as smooth as possible. Our servers normally maintain 19-20 TPS no matter what. If you experience any type of lag with a good ping to the network, please contact us so we can look into it. Me and my staff team are available almost 24/7 on our discord server. On APOC we have many gameplay styles for you to choose from, along with over a dozen modpacks and servers to play on. All of our servers (excluding skyblock modpacks) have all of the features below. System Requirements: Your computer must have the following to be able to run this modpack. 4GB+ of Memory allocated to your Technic Launcher. (We recommend 6GB+) Java 8 64-Bit (JRE or JDK) A good Dedicated GPU for the included Textures/Shaders. If your GPU cannot handle these, they can be turned off in the options. There is known issues with the KUDA shaders our pack uses with Windows 10. If you have a black screen or stained glass effect on your screen, your PC is not compatible with KUDA shaders. Switch to the LOW shaders in the pack or disable it. Client Mod List: These mods run on the client only and help change or modify how the client runs and functions. AI Improvements Better Placement Better Foilage Fast Craft Fast Leaf Decay Inventory Tweaks Java 8 Checker Lumy's Skin Patch NEI Addons NEI Integration Not Enough Items Not Enough Keys Not Enough Ids nTweaks Optifine Optileaves WAILA Waila Harvestability WAWLA Voxelmap Core Mods: These mods have their own API's to allow other mods to operate. Applecore ASIELIB ASIE Tweaks Buildcraft Compat Binnie Mods COFH Core COFH Lib Coding Lib Cookie Core Code Chicken Core Eureka Guide API Guilded Games Util Inpure Core IV Toolkit Lunatrius Core Mantle Metallurgy Core Micdoodle Core Radix Core Numina - Discontinued Voltz Engine Mods: These are what give the modpack its glory. All of the custom items, blocks, mobs, etc come from these. Advanced Generators Advent of Ascension The Aether II Avaritia AE2 Stuff Ancient Warfare 2 Another One Bites The Dust Applied Energistics 2 Baubles Biomes o' Plenty Bookshelf BiblioCraft BiblioCraftWoods Highlands Edition BiblioCraftWoods Forestry Edition BiblioCraftWoods Natura Edition Big Reactors Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry Botania BuildCraft BuildCraft Compat Carpenter's Blocks Chisel 2 Chocolate Quest ChocoCraft Draconic Evolution Dynamic Trees Enchanting Plus Enchiridion Enchiridion 2 Ender Compass Ender IO EnderStorage Extra Bees Extra Cells 2 Extra Trees Extra Utilities ExtraTiC Forbidden Magic Forestry for Minecraft Forge Microblocks ForgeRelocation Galacticraft Planets Galactic Space GenDustry Hardcore Ender Expansion HexxitGear Highlands Heart Drop Iguana Tinker Tweaks IndustrialCraft 2 Iron Chest Legend Gear Logistics Pipes Loot Bags Lucky Block MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits Magic Bees Magical Crops Magical Crops Armory Mantle MCFrames Mekanism MekanismGenerators MekanismTools Metallurgy 4 MineFactory Reloaded Minecraft Comes Alive Modular Force Field System More Swords Mod Natural Absorption Natura Nether Ores Open Modular Turrets OpenBlocks OpenComputers Ore Dictionary Converter Pam's DesertCraft Pam's HarvestCraft Primitive Mobs ProjectRed Compatibility ProjectRed Expansion ProjectRed Exploration ProjectRed Fabrication ProjectRed Illumination ProjectRed Integration ProjectRed Transmission ProjectRed Transportation Railcraft Redstone Armory Redstone Arsenal Reliquary Sanguimancy Simply Jetpacks Soul Shards TOW Tainted Magic Technomancy Thaumcraft Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Thaumcraft-Botania Exoflame Thaumcraft Inventory Scanner Thaumic Energistics Thaumic Exploration Thaumic Tinkerer The Twilight Forest Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation Thermal Recycling Thermal Smeltery Tinkers' Construct Tinkers' Defense Tinkers' Mechworks Travellers Gear Tube Stuff Vanilla Plus Witchery Witching Gadgets Ztones Server Features: TRPG has 100+ modded worlds, 3 overworlds, 18,000+ entities (monsters/animals), and 32,000+ items/blocks! Always Online: Dedicated, optimized, built for performance servers since 2010. Our servers are fully automated with almost zero need for human intervention to remain online and running smooth. Multiworld: We have worlds for PVP and PVE. These worlds are Survival (PVE/GriefPrevention Protection), Factions (PVP/Factions Protection), and Towny (PVP/Towny Protection). PVP worlds allow griefing and raiding by following the rules within the factions and towny plugins for war. Survival is PVE only and uses GriefPrevention for its protections. Custom Economy (APOC-Payday): Our economy is like no other, with one giant plugin (APOC-Payday) this plugin offers rewards for over 30 gameplay activities from killing mobs/players to crafting items. It also rewards you for voting with keys/kits to redeem for items and economy/exp/claimblocks. Our plugin also handles sign shops, player plots, automatic ranking, online/login rewards, and much more. Admin & Player Shops: We provide basic vanilla items in the spawn tower for admin shops. And we leave the modded side for players to buy a plot in spawn, create a shop, and select their items and prices for their shop. We encourage a competitive player market on APOC. Our admin shops will not interfere with selling modded items. Custom /help Commands: We have a custom menu of /help commands that explain everything on apoc. How to use our economy, claim systems, worlds, voting, shops, teleportation and homes, and much more. If these help commands cannot answer your questions, staff are available on the servers or on discord. MCMMO & APOC-RPG: All of our servers come equipped with MCMMO and APOC-RPG which adds skills, bonus drops for actions, custom enchanted item drops from mobs, and randomly placed chests or structures with loot inside in the worlds. Bungeecord: Our custom bungeecord server allows clients of any version to connect to our network & servers. Once connected to the server of your choice, you can communicate with everyone from every server, and see everyone who is online in the tab list from all servers. Looking for Staff: We are seeking active staff members for all servers on apoc. If you are interested in any position please apply on the links below. We are looking for java developers and server staff. Apply for Chat Mod: http://apocgaming.org/cmodapp Apply for Server Mod: http://apocgaming.org/smodapp Apply for Developer: http://apocgaming.org/devapp Voting & Reviewing Rewards: Voting for our network on one of the 36 vote sites listed on our /vote command in game or on our site at http://apocgaming.org/vote will give you 1 Common Key and 1 VoteKey. Common keys are one of 4 types of item reward keys issued on the servers. These keys can be earned by voting, being online, or logging in daily. When redeemed they will give you one item out of a long list of possible rewards. The higher grade the key is the better the rewards. Redeeming keys like Common have a chance to upgrade to Uncommon, and Uncommon to Rare, etc. Vote Keys are issued only for voting for sites, they give 1 EXP Level, $100 Economy, and 10 Claimblocks. We also reward for reviewing our network/servers on vote sites and forums like this (technic). If you enjoy our servers, please write us a review by replying to this topic for $2500 Economy and 3 Rare keys as a reward. If you got any suggestions or ideas for improvement, we are open to change. Just let us know!
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    i am still struggling with this, any time i open the technic jar file it pops up with the java logo in my dock then goes away as if i didnt click anything
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    in game name: lance078 Yo This server is awesome such a kind comunity
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    Ign: WaqoJaqo This server has brought me and my friend happiness during the quarentine period and allowed us an escape for the outside world when it is at its worst... the staff and commubntiy could not be more welcoming and kind and there is just agreat atomsphere about the whole server The server includes great features such as vote party which is when 100 people vote everyone on the server is awarded with keys that give u items to help u further progress. All in all crafterland is a great server for anyone looking for a great time Server Address: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567
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    Black Screen With Audio

    See if disabling the Stencil Buffer helps. You can find this under Launcher Options > Video Settings.
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    Modpack not working

    Installs and launches just fine for me, perhaps you had a previous install that maybe isn't getting overridden? Try deleting anything in the technic folder for that pack and reinstalling? On a side note, usually the resources used for the CustomMainMenu mod go into the resources folder, you have yours in the config folder. This resulted in missing textures for me. I also connected to the supplied server just fine (MyWaifuHideyoshi, if you check the logs)
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    My Modpack launches Vanilla

    Very rarely files can become corrupt when copy/pasting. Did you verify that the modpack.jar is still valid? Otherwise please provide the Technic log file after attempting to launch the modpack.
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    QUICK REVIEW player name obrycee started not to long ago on this server after hunting for a long time to find a balanced server that's fair on all. I am streaming on it from the uk so I have a little latency but this server seems to cope very well. the plugins and banned items are all on point and they have a good community. I do have a few other friends coming on to join me on it. towny is a god send and the market they have is well worth a look into getting started. if I have anything negative to say its that the staff don't much respond in game to enquires like "do you have a quarry world " or others but small price to pay for abit of fun Definitely going to have fun on this server come on and say hi obrycee
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    Responsive staff, easy rules to learn, friendly people. Great server. IGN: Sphaericus
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    That would be because for whatever reason you're uploading a webp instead of something like a jpg.
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    Please provide an uncropped screenshot here or via PM of you logged into the Technic launcher.
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    Lord Ptolemy

    Problem with modpack.jar

    Every time you update your modpack on the platform, you must restart the launcher as it only checks for updates to installed modpacks on startup then caches the result.
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    Very good server for tekkit. nice people on the server as well as nice staff. not too much lag only a little at spawn. overall best server for tekkit i have found
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    Great server. Very fun with a small community. The Autosaves breaking quarries is a bit annoying but it's ok.
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    I have been on for about a week now. Have to say its a very friendly server with great staff and alot of knowledgeable people that are willing to help new people to tekkit.
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    New Modpack name issues

    Thank you!
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    Forge 1.13+ is currently not supported by the Launcher. No ETA for a fix.
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    Lord Ptolemy

    Crash with The 1.12.2 Modpack.

    Not a launcher issue. Moved to Server OP Swap.
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    Honestly Such a Great server, i've personally always loved this modpack been playing it for years and after not touching it for a couple years this server made it really easy for me to just hop back in and have some fun, everythings layed out simply to avoid confusion, the marketplace makes it easier to just jump back into the action always easy to find what you need and not to mention the town feature to protect your builds and land make it less of a hassle. Outright great modpack but players are a bit low of a player count so i give this server an overall 4/5 rating. absolutely in love with it.
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    This server is going to be a survival server with some of my friends, and im looking for some dedicated mature players to play along with us. Dm me on discord (Micro#7056) if you are at all interested.
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    Get offline java (https://java.com/en/download/windows_offline.jsp) and allocate 2-3 GB RAM in Launcher Options -> Java Settings.
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    This issue has now been resolved, we changed the way we validate those URLs.
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    FORGE version change in modpacks

    So uh. I downloaded the same modpack you were using. I removed the older forge, and added the same forge you are using. Got it started for a bit before the older Optifine version broke it. Quite unsure what you did so it doesn't work. The error in your log usually means wrong Forge/Minecraft version.
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    First server i played in a long time. There are alot of people on at all times and everyone plays along and helps you when you need it. IGN: DSLGLITCHERS
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    when trying to connect to my own server running off the same pc i get this: internal client error java.net.socketexception address family not supported by protocol family connect yet i can connect to the server from another pc on the same network iv tried the -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true command i cmd and in the args of the launcher
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    Topic: Review. I love this server. It is the beste Tekkit server i have ever been on. It has very good staff and has a good store, and just overall very good and nice players. Recommended form me. IGN Orjansli
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    Custom Modpack Server Help

    So, that happened after you added MoarSigns (and its obviously from 9minecraft, baaaaad) to the server, right? Your VERY old version you got off 9mc: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/moarsigns/files/2223209 The actual next version uploaded 3 days later: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/moarsigns/files/2223519 The actual latest version that's not from the start of 2015: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/moarsigns/files/2284576
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    This is by far the best Tekkit I've ever played. I spend hours every day.
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    Server has improved a lot since I played on it the last time. You can hop in with your friends and actually enjoy it. Staff is really helpful when you are having some problems. Very few banned items meaning you can explore a lot RewVenN Peace!
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    Technic, like Atlauncher and MultiMC, do not support Forge for 1.13/1.14/1.15 due to how the forge installation has changed.
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    You appear to be having an issue with an unsupported Intel Graphics device and Windows 10. This issue is common for older computers and Windows 10. We recommend, if it's a desktop, to get a dedicated graphics, as it is always a better option, anyways. However, there is a fix. Please press WindowsKey + X and click on "Programs and Features" and uninstall all copies of Java. After that, install Java 8 from this link: http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=98428 Start up the launcher and try again.
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    ola Hi all, just wanted to write a quick review of the game (for more shopping sprees tehe ) and let the Gals of tekkit know its quite fun. Ive played multiple versions and enjoy making large farms in different areas theres even a mushroom island to explore for! Think sims but different graphics, they grow on you.
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    This server is one of the best in my opinion people are nice and not toxic and everyone is so helpful. Hopefully the server never goes down and if needed ill support it for as long as i could. Best wishes to the server owner. VU17th
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    I have played on this server for a while. I highly recommend this server to anyone who enjoys tekkit. The staff and other players are nice. Great server all around. I have also bought a few ranks to support the server Ingame name:Magical_Coww
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    Cant Launch Any Modpack

    [B#472] java.lang.IllegalStateException: GLFW error 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL The crash report gives an hint: maybe during the update from 8 to 10, the graphics driver went gone. Try to download the latest one and install, then restart and try again!
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    Canned response from one of our bots: Please download this file, then RightClick->Run as Administrator. This should clear Java Settings that are being stored in your OS, which interfere with Technic. This script was written by the main author of this bot, Khio, and can be trusted. http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
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    Considering all the version info from the mods is gone, I'd say that you didn't get those mods from Curseforge. Or from Coro's site, the dev of weather and storms (called weather2). YOu oughta take a look: https://coros.us/mods/weather2
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    Server is allright, everything is fine, maybe lagging times to times, but thats what happens when you play modded minecraft i think server is good quality, i just wish you could see people in the live map again, but its just my opinion thanks creators
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    First off, Server is great. Second, the economy being hard to do anything in. Not gonna lie i like the challenge of getting what i need without buying it. Vote gives little money, per 24 hours you get $500 and 4 ingots of Yellorium is $100. Guess its a good way to get people to stay or leave right off the bat. Like i said before i like the challenge, but its hard to get money, 2nd downfall of the server, but overall its a good server and i recommend it! IGN:KingSnowy
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    Every time I try to download the technic launcher it downloads the jar file then I open it up in downloads right click to open and then it expands the jar file into a folder called 'technic launcher' I went through the folder and there was nothing I could get from it. How do I get it to work someone help?!
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    Launcher not installing.

    We need logs to help with this issue.
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    Modpacks won't load.

    I love how after you say that everyone starts tacking on, too.


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