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    Review: I have played countless hours on this server. The staff is great, they listen to you. I only wish their were tridents. IGN: Strongblade786
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    This server is amazing not just the community but it uses mytown to protect builds and its so much easier then land claim. unlike most tekkit servers I think I will be donating to this one to keep itt going for a long time
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    Great server, great community. Keep up the good work. User: xXZaneXx
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    Great server so many nice people would suggest to anyone and well managed so happy i came across it when finding tekkit servers
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    cool Amazing server I recomend this to players who like modded & chill servers. Staff great, overall server is fun to play. -Gamecube11 IGN: Gamecube11
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    First off, Server is great. Second, the economy being hard to do anything in. Not gonna lie i like the challenge of getting what i need without buying it. Vote gives little money, per 24 hours you get $500 and 4 ingots of Yellorium is $100. Guess its a good way to get people to stay or leave right off the bat. Like i said before i like the challenge, but its hard to get money, 2nd downfall of the server, but overall its a good server and i recommend it! IGN:KingSnowy
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    That's because its not a program you install. The whole "install" process is just the executable making a folder in Appdata -> Roaming to place everything, and the program you start is the program itself. Just delete the .technic folder and the techniclauncer executable and you've uninstalled everything.
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    Minecraft doesnt launch

    In order to update to Java 64-Bit, please go to the link below and download the version for your computer. If you're using Windows, please use the version Windows Offline (64-Bit). After downloading the updated version of Java. Please click on the installer to install it. http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Video Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u7jOu6SpOw 1.) Start the Technic launcher 2.) Click on the button in the very top right of the launcher called launcher options 3.) Click on the Java tab 4.) Click on the memory dropdown 5.) Select a higher or lower amount of RAM. NOTICE: The recommended minimum amount of RAM to allocate is 2 GB. The recommended maximum is half your total RAM or 8 GB, whichever is smaller.
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    Not. Someone probably broke the ship entity. Make sure to add all carpenter block IDs to your archimedes ships block blacklist.
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    Modpack Crash (Plz help)

    Obviously you've added LLibrary, the dependency that MowzieMobs needs, right?
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    Great Server Great Community - Love to help out Learnt all of my tekkit knowledge by playing this server, No lag at all. And could compliment it all day. IGN: ZeroThreeFive
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    small whitlisted big dig server must be 15 or up have a mic,skype teamspeak or some kind to talk
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    this is the best server for this modpack i have ever played it keeps people from ruining the game expierence with game breaking glitches and if something happens that is the staff or servers fault they fix it or replace whatever was lost in my eyes this server is a 8/10 cuz no server is perfect in game name is phantomninja420
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    So basically i play on a new world for about 4 hours then log off for the night. Then the next morning turn on my computer and boot up tekkit legends. And then when i go to load into my world it loads in for about a second and then i can see the world then it will crash. Very frustrating please help if anyone has an answer.
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    Am i IP banned?

    Thank you for your message. It seems your IP address was banned in our systems a while ago. This ban has been lifted, and everything should work properly now. My apologies for the incovenience.
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    This did not work for me. It continues to crash after I dropped it in. it says checking minecraft assets and the launcher crashes back to the same page.
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    i think this is a great server i just started playing and alot of people are helping me i am defetinely going to play more on this server My in-game name is = timnoot
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    Great server with fair rules and amazing community, the only downside is that it's a bit laggy sometimes but they usually fix it fairly quickly and the staff are very friendly and fair with their rulings also the voting rewards and so on are very nicely balanced and not too OP IGN: Steezay
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    Hi there! A week ago I set up a server for me and a few friends. Just a simple Tekkit server ran by Nodecraft. We soon decided however that it would be much better if we got a small community of players who would be able to join! So, this is what this post advertises. I'm hosting a whitelisted PvE survival server for friendly people who would like to build together and make a community rather than raid and wage war with each other. I'm looking for a minimum of 14 years of age (younger possibly, it depends on your application), a willingness to get involved with others, and a general positive attitude towards this sort of thing (also, you gotta have Discord). The application template is listed below. If you are accepted, I'll DM you the server IP and a Discord link. IGN: IRL name (optional): Why you want to join: Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding: The server should hopefully be online at all times, but I'll let you know in the discord if it's offline. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see some of you online soon! I'm about to go sleep, but I'll read your applications as soon as I'm up.
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    Stuck on logo screen

    Then either come on discord, or add a log. Fully possible that you have a different issue altogether.
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    Technic SSP 6.0.7 MC 1.1

    I asked one of the admins, and they were unsure why technicssp is not included. I checked the old launcher (cannot be logged into anymore, thus useless), and saw that said modpack was included. https://github.com/TechnicPack/Technic/blob/master/technicssp/modpack.yml This page shows which mod versions were included. It is actually possible to still download these files. Start a PM if you are interested in downloading these.
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    This is one of the very well made servers with the balance of fair staff and mature players, Ive had no problems with this sever at all, its 100%- billabongs
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    Issue was fixed about 2 hours after the initial report.
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    Probably the most fun i had ever had playing Minecraft. I have already spent hours playing it and i plan to spend even more time grinding. great job
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    I like this modpack and this server is great for this modpack
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    One of the best server on tekkit. Best staff, fun community and nice spawn.
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    Great server with active Team-Members and amazing comunity. /IGN:VanDragoon
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    Great server, freshly wiped, high pop and friendly people and mods. Come too.//MrKucka
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    Review september 27th, 2018 The server is a great relief. You can expand your ideas and creativity with other people who can help you. Maybe even one of the best. You can do small things such as regular survival, but also create a moon party with friends. I rate this server a 9 / 10, as it is one of the best modded servers ever. - JustMonikaDDLC
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    REview: one of the best servers ive played on. Friendly people and very active with lots of staff. I dont like how often floor items are cleared because ive lost a few inventory from some glitches and are unable to get the items back but they provide a refund service. overall a great serve
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    Just as the above says i get an error stating i cant download https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.7.10/1.7.10.jar now obviously the last part (the 1.7.10 is the mod but it happens with any mod not just this specific one) it occurs after everything has been loaded and installed then it says "downloading minecraft" pauses at 0% for a sec then displays the error message ive attempted to search up solutions but all of the questions about this never seem to be answered
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    out of all the Tekkit servers i have played this is Number 1 and also the only server but thats besides the point ign: CoG_Comet
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    Why is your modpack set to be 1.6.4 while you are using a 1.7.10 Forge?
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    Need help with custom modpack!

    You've got a mix of illegitly obtained mods, 1.7.10 mods and 1.12.2 mods. That's going to be a problem. Your bin folder is empty, which should contain the forge.jar renamed to "modpack". You currently have that file named wrongly in the top folder (sickcoolradpack). Also, remove all the excess folders: asm, blueprints, crash-reports, logs, resourcepacks, saves. And remove the botaniavars and usernamecache files.
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    Very nice server there are a helpful staff and a great community, but sometimes the crashes drives me crazy but its just like tekkit. /csicska/
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    great server to play on, great staff and nice people -8902ben
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    Animal Realm is a modded open server which is in a 100% animal themed survival world, where you can tame most animals and build your own zoo, aquarium, theme park, anything you so desire. Animal Realm is in need of animal lovers and friendly players. Now, consider taking a look at the features and see what we have to offer. Features: -a lot of animals (animals from vanilla and two mods, and most of them are tamable) - animals only (no zombies, skeletons, slimes etc.) - expanded fishing system (great way to relax and earn money) - server runs smoothly (clear lag and restrict lag causing items) - server online 24/7 (restart every 12 hours) - server stability (hosted in North America and already paid for a year) - no plan for future reset (keep what you build and world border will expand on demand) - NPC shops (getting you materials and items for your buildings) - land claim and anti-grief features (land claims increase with play time and home setting) - list of basic commands (general ones such as messages, tp and warping) - no donation shop, just donation (all in-game features immediately avalible, no tier, p2w) - community driven and events (community warp point, customized painting base on voting) Mod list: Simple Rules: - Respect others. - Be nice. - Don't flame or troll. - Cheating is not allowed. Server: animalrealm.mcsoft.org Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/animal-realm-modpack Discord: https://discord.gg/mGch4CS (learn how to join our server at #instruction) If you would like to join us, please make sure to join us on Discord first. Everything related to the server and the community will be on there. Feel free to ask any questions here or on Discord. See you around in the Animal Realm!
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    Technic Launcher stuck on logo

    I was having the same problem on my MacBook air. Technic launcher would download but would stay stuck on the logo. Try these steps below. If you have anti virus turn off firewalls and if you can turn it off all together until download is complete. Turn any VPN's off. download the correct java. Download the latest update of technic launcher. I did all these and downloading the correct Java instantly made it open. The link to the correct Java is : https://www.java.com/en/download/mac_download.jsp hope this helps.
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    Lack of natural spawns

    except thats the wrong basalt at level 9 that artifice basalt not project red basalt
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    well, try increasing the memmory allocation in the launcher to 2gb and try it out again. I know SOME people have issues with optifine and disappearing blocks but i've never heard of a fix for it, so you'd need to pick someone else's brain about that. Also worth just double checking you have the latest graphics drivers installed. Apart from that i'm a bit lost. If it's hapenning in technic SSP as well then the server side stuff is irrelevant because you are getting the same issue single player. It's a graphics issue since the blocks aren't changing, you just aren't displaying them properly and AFAIK optifine is the only graphics display related change in tekkit. If increasing memmory allocation and driver update don't help i'd try a bit of optifine related googling or hoping someone else comes up with something on here.
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    Cheap Shot


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