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  1. In case you didn't get wind of what happened, someone got on and used an exploit to gain access to the server using my account and destroyed a lot of stuff. When I tried to run the backup the VPS crashed and the hoster couldn't fix it without re-installing the OS, which meant deleting everything. Like all VPSs the backup data was on the VPS itself. So in the interest of the people on the server I figured it would be better to shut down rather than risk bring more nasty crap to the wonderful people that made circlecraft what it was. That being the case, I have school and lots of other
  2. My biggest apologies in the last mess of hackers. It seems that when you try to do something nice, there is always someone there to ruin it for the rest. I am sorry if you lost work, and sorry about abandoning the server. But, it is such a pain in the ass to run and now it's just a huge mess and I don't have the patience to fix it. I guess what I am saying is running a server sucks ass, before you try it, think again. I hope you had fun for the time we have played together, I will forget no one, even the jerks. This is however goodbye. If you want to complain, complain to the people that hacke
  3. Server will be down till we get things back in line, we have 7 days of backup. Waiting for a reply from the hoster.
  4. We had some issues with dynmap using up all of our diskspace, the server is up now, but dynmap has been disabled till I can figure out how to config it better.
  5. server is down...

  6. The following people have been banned due to theft of spawn items: willidk3 glowcreeper489 bekat1 rampa69 scorpionteeth cerberus95 joonatnt 8x8_bit rononmac anthraxinc ketefrega These names are confirmed in the greif. You will not be allowed back on the server for any reason. Some trusted members will be allowed during rebuilding, the rest will have to wait.
  7. I have pulled the server for the time being, will be up when I get around to fixing all the mess in spawn. Until then, only mods are allowed on. Anyone else involved will be banned no matter the severity.
  8. I closed all the shops to try to prevent no raids but its not working <:0


  10. We turned those items off for the time being as another player also had the same issue, should be able to join now.
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