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  1. In case you didn't get wind of what happened, someone got on and used an exploit to gain access to the server using my account and destroyed a lot of stuff. When I tried to run the backup the VPS crashed and the hoster couldn't fix it without re-installing the OS, which meant deleting everything. Like all VPSs the backup data was on the VPS itself. So in the interest of the people on the server I figured it would be better to shut down rather than risk bring more nasty crap to the wonderful people that made circlecraft what it was.

    That being the case, I have school and lots of other things going on, will soon be doing residency as well, and my ability to keep the server going was time limited anyways. I made the server thinking I would set it up and then let the admins do the main work, however that don't really work so well as there are lots of things they can't really do. I still enjoyed it all, and given the chance I wouldn't ever change that. Think of things as a chance to start new and maybe upgrade if everyone goes for that as well.

  2. My biggest apologies in the last mess of hackers. It seems that when you try to do something nice, there is always someone there to ruin it for the rest. I am sorry if you lost work, and sorry about abandoning the server. But, it is such a pain in the ass to run and now it's just a huge mess and I don't have the patience to fix it. I guess what I am saying is running a server sucks ass, before you try it, think again. I hope you had fun for the time we have played together, I will forget no one, even the jerks. This is however goodbye. If you want to complain, complain to the people that hacked us. Fairwell all.

    If you would like to keep in contact send me a message and I will add you to gmail, or gtalk if you didn't get enough of my meanness. :)

  3. Hi guys i just want to say that i love teh server but fr some reason i was able to make knives when i was at a friends house and ever since i did it i have crashed every time that i try and join the server and i would apperciate it if a moderator or admin could go into my inventory adn delete the knifes so that i can reconnect IGN:Deathbrat

    We turned those items off for the time being as another player also had the same issue, should be able to join now.

  4. The payment for this month went through and it will be open till 6/28, I will tell you guys what is happening at the moment. I want to see the money I put into the server used well enough to keep paying for it. You guys want the server up, tell your friends and family. Get the word out we have a server worth using. If the server becomes big enough to support more I would even pay more. Yesterday I logged on, 0 people were on. Today, 0 people. If I see the numbers grow enough to have a descent amount by the time the payment expires, I will renew it. If not, I will let it expire.

    At the moment, the server is having severe lag issues, and I am trying to find out why, it will white-listed until I have finished fixing the issue.

  5. Great server! Also, if I might add, I think you guys should make a server for the Big Dig modpack. I haven't found a single server for it yet and it's such a great modpack, and I think you guys would make great hosts!

    Unfortunately it's a server we pay for out of our own pockets, and it's been a battle to keep running. Adding another would cost a lot and our current server can't handle more than 20 with what we have. We have a ton of issues at the moment that is more than I can handle. So I can't afford to host another mentally, or financially. Plus there just isn't enough people on to make it worthwhile. No sense in hosting two 10 people servers that cost a ton.

  6. What if u remove my "bad mouth" and also i only pmed prime the IP ONE TIME and that was only once i never was like "hey come over 2 this server"*gives ip*. Plus when were others involved in the drama between u and me? OK sorry i didn't mean the term "bro" but i never gave the IP out more than once and that one time was to PrimeExia. If you even check the pm's and all chat during the time i was on you would see only 1 IP was given out to ONLY PrimeExia. I'm using caps for some words to show the specific words.

    You were on a couple of times telling others to move off, I am the owner of the server, I can see the conversations including private messages when I am not logged on, that is how I know you did it more than once. I did remove your bad mouth. Next time you find a server you like, don't bad mouth it.

  7. The thing is I asked you to stop, and I was more than nice to you. If I recall correctly it was something to the effect that I did not like you taking our players to other servers. I didn't even do anything to stop you when you kept on giving out the IP of the other server. I would also never say bro. However, you still claim that you don't get treated kindly. This is the reason you were removed and will remain so, because you decided to bad mouth us in our own thread. The people here in our server do not want that kind of drama. So again I apologize you felt like you were treated badly, but the ban will remain in affect.

  8. LOL gg ll_star this is y i dont really like this server you don't get treated kindly. its a rough road on this server

    @ Newmuch: You were advertising other servers and I asked you to stop, yet you continued to do so. Now you come here complaining about the server. We are trying to keep a nice group of regulars on here, and I think it is safe to say you are no longer welcome. Getting to play on our server is a privilege and while I try to be nice and fair, some people just don't get it. Sorry we couldn't hold your hand anymore, but I hope you enjoy your new server. Have a nice day.