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  1. The person posting this post is not banned from our forums, he made no attempt to even make any post resembling this on our forums he has made a total of 5 posts 4 of those are related to a server he was mod (or similar) on. The other post is this http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/this-modpack-is-a-beta.2055/page-2#post-34769 So I think you just about hit the nail on the head with this: MOD EDIT Someone made a boo boo and fucked with the formatting of this post. It wasn't me since I am perfect in every way~ but I still did the best I could to fix it. If I have made a mistake in restoring the original information contained in this here post I am sure captainanna will fix it.
  2. I think the only thing I said that wasn't proved was the fact that he was trolling our forums so: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/password-issues.4157/ The following post was in between posts #11 and #12 This was the final post that got him banned from our forums as he had already had warnings for other things, it's kinda difficult for me to prove that the user wasn't a developer for us because well... he wasn't a developer :3 He did have a rank on our TS called "Developer" which is given to anyone that is a developer of anything, this doesn't have to be related to FTB in anyway, 65 users currently have that rank so it isn't really anything special to have, when he was given the rank slowpoke explained to him that this was so he could communicate to iBurn as pm powers aren't granted to normal users and that it did not mean he was a developer for us, all our developers are given a separate rank that gives them access to the FTB development rooms which Jamromhem would have had no access to.
  3. So here is the post where Jamromhem makes the original post claiming to be a dev for FTB: Original post can be found here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/this-modpack-is-a-beta.2055/page-3 As I said there was more trolling around our forums which warnings were given for, after these warnings he continued to troll and then was banned, I think this covers all the proof you need to see if you really want you could go and look at previous posts he had made and see for yourself however I feel it would be inappropriate to repost something that we felt was flame-bait so we don't end up with the same thing here.
  4. Hello I am one (of the two) web developers at feed the beast and I would like to thank you for giving both sides a fair chance I honestly thought if I posted here I would be gunned down but it appears not I do have to say our site isn't just one page it contains the main site (which is basically just a HTML page with js effects) the reason for this is to cut down on load for the mundane tasks for downloading etc, we also have a forum and a support site as well as 3 other sites that are currently in development by the two web developers... I do think I can shed some light on the reason this person is so hostile toward me and FTB, his friend (Jamromhem which he mentions in his post) was developing a small web tool off his own back for use by the FTB Team and after speaking to one of our team about this tool was under the impression that he was part of the FTB Team despite being told by this team member that he was not, he was never given any special access as is evident in the post. He then got into a flame war on our forums in which he said he was a member of the FTB dev team, when he was corrected on this he began to start trolling on our forums etc and after a while of this he was banned and his posts removed thus we are here today. Sylais has only ever made 5 posts on our forums none of which relate to this so I presume the posts that were removed that he refers to are Jamromhem's. I would like to apologise in advance for any escalation of the thread that may occur because of this post but I do feel that I had to defend my work as it was attacked in such a way. Note: As I said I am a member of FTB so my opinion is obviously going to be bias that's human nature however I have tried my best to explain what happened from an outsiders point of view keeping whatever else I feel out. Thanks for your time
  5. 50 Players online the other day, glad to see so many of you on the server, I am currently holding off on the update due to bugs so continue on the current version until you get an error when you try and connect!
  6. Thanks! Also anyone looking to join from further afield from the tests we have done users in the US get 70 ping on average, thats a better ping than you get to some servers anyway!
  7. http://www.twitch.tv/captainnana Hello, just a quick post to let you know I am currently live streaming tekkit on my twitch tv channel, come and check it out and join in if you want! I am currently playing my server enchantedcraft.net:2500 is the IP if you want to come and join, you can apply at the forums for build rights it doesnt normally take long to get accepted www.enchantedcraft.net/forums for more info. Hope to see you all on the stream soon! http://www.twitch.tv/captainnana
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