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  1. Update: I was correct about Gorea Restrict. I tested it improperly and didn't use the proper commands. If you're looking for an item restriction plugin for 1.7.10 look no further than Gorea Restrict.
  2. Is anyone aware of a bukkit plugin or forge mod that restricts items from certain dimensions? There are plenty of item restriction plugins that I have found, but so far the only one I have found does a blanket ban, regardless of dimensions (dcitemban). I'm looking for something for 1.7.10. Plugins that I have tried: ItemRestrict (none of the commands work) Gorea Restrict (the / commands work, but don't seem to actually restrict the item - maybe I was testing it wrong, or functions differently than I was expecting?) BanItem (Same as Gorea Restrict, the / commands work, but the restrict functions don't seem to work) TekkitCustomizer (out of date) Tekkit Restrict (out of date) ItemRules (out of date) I'm stumped.
  3. Unfortunately, anarchy servers attract malicious players, and malicious players could easily crash the server with even the most basic components of CC.
  4. That's very strange. I've been checking a few times tonight and it's been up every time.
  5. It doesn't seem to be down for me. Or is this server the one you're talking about? :P
  6. Triangulators were spamming the console to the point where the server would crash, so I disabled them.
  7. That's because he's not an admin. You're right, none of the admins would do that. I'm sorry that happened, but that's the kind of douchebaggery you have to deal with on an anarchy server. I'll add to the rules that posing as an admin is a ban-able offense. I won't ban dill for posing as an admin, because I never listed that as a rule until now. If he does it again, he's gone. That said, him saying that still annoys me. Private message me if we're on at the same time, and I'll give you something I think you'd really like.
  8. I've decided against people having only 1 home but inviting others. Instead, people will now have 7 homes. They can use them for their own projects, use them to get to their friend's bases, or for other purposes. Either way, I think this will be a lot better than the home invite system in the long run. Remember, you can name your homes as well. Simply type /sethome MainBase or /sethome OilRig, for example.
  9. I really like a lot of the items from EE, but there was just waaaaaay too much abuse and people getting easymode EMC. Alchemy bags still exist, though. Hopefully there isn't another dupe bug with them.
  10. We just had our first KILL THE ADMIN!!! event. Was pretty fun. I imagine it will be much more entertaining when more people are logged on. Congrats to cpzombie on the loot. The idea is the Admin has rare/unobtainable loot. Everyone tries to kill the admin (who does not fight back) for the loot. Just be ready for everyone to pile on you if you get the loot after killing the admin!
  11. All 4 houses have been given a proper griefing. There's still more out there, but they're at very specific coordinates. Can you figure them out?
  12. I added 4 houses around spawn with valuable items as a little perk to everyone starting out. The server is new, and I want the first players to be rewarded, as they are the ones who draw in more players. Cheers and happy hunting.