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  1. ingame name: bomboy2121

    why you want to join our server: i want to play in a server that theres no greif or pvp so i can enjoy the new modpack with everyone without hideing in a cave and hopeing no one will find me

    have you played on any of our other servers: sadly no.

    something about yourself: im 15 year old and till now i was a mod in a server(megatek) and never really played. now that the server down (no donators :( ) i can enjoy the modpack :)

    i love to make shops in diffrent servers like bakery, elctronics, explosives(greif server) and i made a huge rollar coster!

    if i will join the server, im going to build a nice shop im sure anyone will like.

  2. You probably need to update java as well. Go to java.com and click "Do I Have Java?" below the big red button to see what version of java you have and if you should update it.

    As a sidenote for future reference,

    Saying you have 4 RAM is like saying you have 4 sand, you need a measurement there.

    Most computers these days have RAM in GigaBytes, so I can infer that you meant to say you have 4GB of RAM.

    yea 4 gb and i want to host 5 players on my server

    and how much room should i give for the server?

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