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  1. ☣☣☣Minecraftia Tekkit☣☣☣ LITTLE EE ( DM and Energy Condensers Allowed ) ⋞⋟FACTIONS⋞⋟ LWC (On Almost all items!) ⋞⋟Ranks![PermissionsEX]⋞⋟ IP: BANNED ITEMS All of EE (Exept Energy Condensers And Collectors)[swiftwolfs are also not banned!] Anchors Turtles Project Tables, Automatic Crafting Tables Hammers (Iron, Diamond, Stone, Etc.) Mining Lasers Nukes, Nuclear Reactors PLUGINS LIST ChestShop ColoredSigns Essentials Factions PermissionsEX ShowCaseStandAlone StarGate Tekkit Reloader TekkitCustomizer (Item Banning Plugin) WorldEdit , WorldGuard xAuth ⋞⋟RULES⋞⋟ You don't ask for ranks you earn them. Don't disrespect staff you get 3 warnings. No griefing AT ALL Or you'll be instantly banned. No Hacking or you'll be instantly banned. Don't spam the chat or you'll be muted/kicked/BANNED. Have fun! SCHEDULE - Usually Up 6:00 pm (Eastern Time) Monday-Sunday ABOUT Minecraftia Tekkit Well, I (HellspawnMC) was just a regular boy when my friends introduced me to Tekkit and I said it was stupid at first but then I fell in love with it. so My friend dedcided we should make a Tekkit server and I said no but I came to my senses and I made one and Darnit, I'm pretty happy about my server and all the haters can be banned WHAT TYPE OF PLAYER DO I WANT? Please do not suck up to the Staff ex. "Wow this server is sooo cool!" "Your a Awesome Admin / OP / Owner" [i get these type of people alot, I don't want to hear how much you love the server even though you've only been in the server for 5 minutes] I don't want haters If you have something bad to say about the server, please keep it to your self I like Loyal players, Players that don't complain and are loyal and don't ever do anything wrongI have a couple but not alot. I don't mind going out of my way for those type of players I like players who help other players, those type of players get ranks in my server IF YOU READ THIS WHOLE THING MY BIGGEST THANKS TO YOU! For More Info Visit www.HELLSPAWNSSERVER.ENJIN.com When you get on recognize these people Owners: HellspawnMC, AlphaBetaR Co-Owners: sebastion14, RMA25 !!!***EDIT***!!! Players can now /warp spawn Sorry for the inconvience!
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