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  1. Not for nothing but I don't see anything in that user's post history that qualifies as 'trolling'. He strongly disagreed with several people to be sure but that does not a troll make.

    i believe this answers your question:

    when he was corrected on this he began to start trolling on our forums etc and after a while of this he was banned and his posts removed thus we are here today.

  2. nice post simpleguy, yeah, the MultiMC claims were dispelled by one of the FTB launcher devs, when he said that it was built with compatibility in mind, rather than trying to steal it, and that forkk had actually started the project (info here)

    its rather nice to see the level of hostility at a low recently, with members of the technic forums becoming members of the FTB forums. Hopefully this could be the start of some form of truce between the two, but i really cant see that happening any time soon.

    I also agree that Mojang should have used a MUCH better way of checking credentials, but, i guess its just another thing that they shouldve done, but didnt. like giving up on the game and handing it over to the modders.

  3. i very much agree, i also agree that it should not have happened under any circumstance, and im not defending what they did, but i am gonna defend how they handled it, they got it sorted quickly and alerted their users, and did everything in their power to try and remove the records from the internet.

    i fail to see how much more they couldve done (except not let it happen, obviously)

  4. unless they used pastie, or any number of other pastebin type websites.

    i believe the main problem was that their launcher has a "post to pastebin" button, so a lot of people pressed it, but i could be wrong, and they could have removed that in a recent version

  5. this thread seems like its very well behaved given the subject in question, lets just hope it stays that way.

    on topic, im glad this is pasted in many places, give people the chance to know about it, and do something about it. I have to say well done to the FTB team for not just hiding away from the issue, and possibly causing their users some very serious issues. they have it out in the open and give people the chance to fix it, this is the way it should be done IMO.

  6. while i dont mind being a dick or called one when I am actively doing so. My post here was an observational thought anybody might come up with given the recent rash of exclusivity shown to FTB.

    as to the fact you've "collected" page of evidence. Surely you have better things to do with your life. My stance has always been harsh on the stupid.

    i said that i could collect pages, not that i have.

  7. i could provide pages of evidence against Lothos, but i have much better things to do than trawl through forums looking for everything dickish he has said.

  8. i often wonder how many folks are asking to be in FTB now and are given a demand by slowpoke to be exclusive to them in return.

    you're a dick. ive seen many of your posts on here, and you lack respect for everyone. people like you are whats wrong with the minecraft modding community. people who show absolutely no respect what so ever for people who spend hundreds of hours working on something as a HOBBY.

    good day.

  9. im not sure how many people have heard about this mod, but ive just seen it and.. wow.


    some awesome images there


    and thats the powernet (like IC or BC power)

    i'm hoping that Technic can get permissions for this, but he appears to have done something similar to Thaumcraft :/

    Current Modpack Permissions:

    • ONLY Feed The Beast has my permission to redistribute XyCraft at this time. For now that is the one and only mod pack that has that permission until future notice. (Feed The Beast as in FTB)


  10. i believe its been said by a few people that technic wont have Thaumcraft 3 permissions

    in fact, ive just had a look on the forum post and saw this

    Please don't ask about modpacks. Currently the following mod packs are the only ones that have permission to use my mod:


    Feed the Beast



    I'm not planning on adding any additional modpacks to this list anytime soon, so don't call me, I'll call you.

    doesnt look great from a technic point of view :/

  11. Well, I'm fairly sure he's not because I'm fairly sure that the FTB Launcher is based on MultiMC.

    actually, its not, forkk (multiMC's creator) has said this himself

    i believe that he has said he started the FTB launcher project off but had to leave, so remnants of his code are still there, but as far as i know, 99% of it is done from scratch.

  12. from what i've seen in various places, it seems like too much in the way of evidence simply to dismiss it as "oh, they must be talking about something else"

    this is a big deal, i honestly believe that the people that watch their videos, watch for them and the mods, not for the fact that its tekkit, they will have the same mods tekkit has, and without all the drama that does come with tekkit (no matter what happens, i believe there will always be drama with tekkit, just based on people's attitudes at the start)

    using the "theres no EE" argument is futile, because tekkit wont have it in 1.4 either (or at least, not the same as in 1.2.5).

    FTB has mods that tekkit doesn't, like thaumcraft and XYCraft, and they do offer a lot of choice for their users, idk how many of you have seen, but they will have themed packs, for example, they released the magic pack yesterday, with some gread mods (and some tech mods, oddly enough)

    but i'll be waiting for the ultimate pack before i REALLY try out FTB, as that will have the best of tech and magic.

    their map download idea is really cool, also, and i'm a big fan of direwolf20 on youtube, and he's getting his own pack and they're distributing his world saves which is awesome :)

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