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  1. What is your Minecraft account name? ixiom1 What is your age? (Be truthful, we do not discriminate based on age) 38 What is your Timezone? EST Have you read, and do you understand the rules governing this server? Yes What previous experience have you had as a Roleplayer? Very little. Some on TN2 and some when I was a kid playing DND. How did you hear about Gaia Life RPPVP? Adam - FTB Project...brought in for testing Is this your first attempt with our application? If not, please list other attempts. No - This is a Bio re-write to explain staff powers. Have you posted this application on the appropriate Technic sub forum? Yes Have you read the lore surrounding Gaia Life, and hereby swear to abide by the lore? Yes Definitions Please describe in your own words what each of these means in a Roleplaying sense to you. Please do not Google or search up these definitions. Use your own words. Role-Playing: Acting as a character with a persona signicantly different than your own. Meta-Gaming: Never heard of this. God-Modding: Me, a case of coke, an empty house and my favourite game. (That was my honest interpretation...I haven't heard the term before). In-Character Information Please make sure your character name is something you can live with in-game. Character Name: Ixi Jessingham Character Age: 29 Characters Race: Weaver Characters Biography: Growing up was fairly normal. I lived with my parents on a small farm far in the country away from all the Civic tensions of the land. When I was 15 and old enough to know that we lived in poverty I set out on my own to seek adventure and riches. I was popular in our small town and my father had taught me how to protect myself with knives and firearms but still naive to the worlds dangers. I made my way from town to town but soon found that the only coin I could honestly earn was on my back, which didn't interest me, so I started practicing picking pockets in the markets I passed through and learning to use the shadows to avoid types that would otherwise be trouble. I continued practicing my 'craft' for 4 years becoming masterful with small blades and near invisible when the need arose. My wanderings brought me to Cestus and I lived on the outskirts of the city venturing in to the market for food and supplies but mostly keeping to my small rented room and doing small burglaries to pay what small bills I had. Never stealing from the wealthy where it might attract attention, nor from the poor who would have more hardship than I did. During one of these thefts I broke into the basement of a man who was rumored to have some valuable magic items. The man himself was odd and a bit feared because of his strangeness but from what little I'd seen and heard of him he was just eccentric after his wife had passed a few months ago. The basement was a hoarders nightmare of small calcinators, beakers, vials and other things I didn't know about or understand. None of these things I could sell so I moved past them into a closed off cold cellar. The darkness of this room was thick and oppressive and even the small amount of light trying to come in from the room behind was being swallowed along with sound. I crept forward slowly, expecting to find shelves with meats preserving or preserves I could take for a few days of meals, but instead bumped into a large table with what was instantly recognizable as a human form on it, cold, but without scent. I recoiled from the accidental discovery tripping sideways in my urgency to get some distance. This was when my life ended. This was when my life began. I fell into an impression in the corner of the room where an unnatural crack had been opened. A seemingly impossible conduit to the weave that the Man had been trying to utilize to bring his wife back from the dead. The direct contact with the weave was brief but the change profound, though I didn't know it at the time. The crack snapped shut immediately as if nature had realized it's mistake and dazed I fled the house and returned to my room feeling unwell. I packed my belongings that night and went home to the farm and my parents, unwell on the travels home, and increasingly unwell as time went on. My parents looked after me as my body tried to come to grips with it's exposure first burning with fever, then ice cold, my bones seemed to ache. My mind expanded and I became aware of things happening without needing to see them. Eventually my body emerged from its trials seeming unchanged and I kept my expanded awareness to myself, not wanting to worry my parents as their health waned. As the years went by I tended the farm on my own, finding I could easily do all the chores myself and seeming to have a natural ability to learn new things simply now. My parents passed away peacefully in their sleep a few months apart from each other, both happy their family had reunited in the end. Now alone I could explore my abilities and found that with concentration I could make nearly anything happen that I could imagine. I could fly, I could become invisible, I could even materialize things effectively altering reality. The weave had made me a god of sorts. The flip side of this was crushing, crippling, pain that would last for days or weeks, the severity tied to the extremity of my 'magical' exertions. It was quickly clear that being a simple farmer was preferable to using these abilities and that was exactly what I did, carrying on running the farm, happy in the simple life I lead. Yet the power existed for when it was needed. Meta Questions In this section, you will be asked a series of questions. Your responses are not directly responsible for the acceptance of your application, but if they are not answered, or answered seriously, your application can be denied. You stumble upon a small group of soldiers, approximately three counted among this group. They are harassing a middle aged street thug about some missing bronze machine parts that have gone missing from a local machine shop. What do you do? I walk by, congratulating the soldiers on upholding the laws of the land, spitting at the ground near the thug as I walk away. As you are walking down the street, you notice some smugglers moving crates of what is clearly marked as "Ordnance" through an alleyway. The building they are moving said crates into is in-fact the only school in the sector, and if lost, would be irreplaceable. How do you approach the situation? Easily avoiding detection I watch the smugglers, and when the opportunity presents itself I kill the smugglers off one by one. Once complete I take the ordinance back to my home for my own purposes...and to keep the kids safe I GUESS. You have been kicked out of your home. As you walk down the street, people and soldiers snicker at you as you pass by. Your own family wont even talk to you or read your messages. Somewhere along the line, you have done something so horrible that society would rather let you live, so that you can serve as a constant reminder of the evil of men. What have you done? Having overheard a plot to kill some innocent people I poisoned the drink of the man I believed to be the murderer while working at cleaning up dishes in the local diner. The drink was in fact for his 8 year old nephew (who died horribly) and the 'plot' was only a potential story plotline the man was describing to his friend. Two plumbers walk into a bar and promptly start a fight. What do you do? Wait for the fight to end then help the 'loser' out into the street under the guise of assisting him from the building. Once out I rob him and leave him at the side of the road, that's what you get for losing.
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