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  1. As it is you can get 200 EMC/s from a condenser, deployer, 2 filters, and some tubes; with the overall system needing an additional condenser, timer and some redstone. If you make it compact you can get to 12k EMC/s with just 10 cows. Of course the same goes for EU. Took about 2.5 months from a server restart on a Tekkit w/no EE before someone had so much power generation that they were giving away stacks of UU for free. Solar -> Mass Fab -> Factory Making Solars. Like EE it's a geometric progression, just as powerful, only a bit slower.
  2. This isn't that hard of a trick to pull off in vanilla. A good sized cave can get you 1/2 those diamonds and a decent branch mine will get you the rest in short order. Sure, a Divining Rod helps, but isn't required. A nether portal requires one flint and steel, a single bucket, a few dirt and 8 lava lying around somewhere. It's entirely possible to get to the Nether within 5 minutes of world creation if you start near surface lava, a cave with some exposed iron ore and one tree; none of which are exactly rare in this game. Also keep in mind that item duplication is also a feature of Thau
  3. Unfortunately that only delays the issue rather than eliminate it and not by a factor of 20 either. The problem I see complained about the most isn't that you can turn 8,192 cobblestone into a diamond or vice versa, it's that you can easily start a self-sustaining process that requires very little investment that turns out infinite amounts of pretty much everything (except Uranium IIRC) at whatever rate you care to build up to with the free resources this process gives you. Even if drastically slowed down, this process requires no work other than stacking a few blocks and one could jus
  4. All upping the cost will do is add a slight delay before you get the higher end stuff. Same with slowing down collector speed. You just keep expanding your collector array until you get the output you want. Given the geometric returns of EE, it's not possible to put a realistic check on it by increasing the cost. Even making it 10 times more expensive would only add an hour or two into how long it takes me to set up my standard array. Even making it 100 times as expensive (or 100 times as slow); it would only take 7 times as long to set up 100 of them. At that point the only thing you're reall
  5. Use item detector tubes from Redpower and feed the signal into a Computercraft computer. The Computer boots with a single program, it loads a three minute timer to shut down the reactor and resets the timer every time it gets a pulse from the detector tube. For extra credit, link it to a big monitor which displays a normal status message like :Ice: Normal Water: Normal. Should the timer ever go under 290 seconds, change to a warning about which system has failed and below that put a countdown timer until system shut down. You can also output a redstone signal to a redstone repeater surrounded
  6. Be sure to come back and tell us how long it takes before someone sets up a large scale automated operation to feed a condenser. Should take about a day to build one that generates a diamond per minute. :)
  7. Re: Ho do i become self sustaining? from the start... Not necessarily. Investing in EE with about 12 diamonds or so (along with a few other goodies you find along the way) eventually gives you free stacks of everything but Uranium with nothing else invested but sitting around. EE also makes finding those dozen diamonds a trivial exercise since you quickly gain the ability to spot them through 64 squares of rock. Lacking EE, I often go for a Forestry production chain of Wheat Farm, Tree Farm and Peat Bog tied together with either buildcraft pipes or redpower tubes to a couple of carp
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