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    Chefsbrian got a reaction from CharZinta in Why Mojang info?   
    To provide a very simple awnser, we do it because it prevents pirated users from playing minecraft illegally. That is the entire reason we require it.

    And you can download every. single. mod out there without this. You'd just have to build the packs yourself.

    Also, please read the forum rules, Signing posts is against it.
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    Chefsbrian reacted to freakachu in Yogbox needs to update!   
    we're sorry we didn't enforce your whims on the entirety of internet accessible humanity.  further, we deeply apologize that you had to suffer through the conflicting opinions of others as we realize that it is very rude for people to have opinions that differ from your own.  we'd like to assure you that those people have been assigned to re-education camps and will now recognize the importance, brilliance, and indisputable correctness of all your opinions and thoughts going forward. 
    again, we would like to apologize to you, OP, for offending the one person who is clearly the most important being this universe has ever had the pleasure of harboring and we thank you profusely for blessing us with your unparallelled presence, even if only for a fleeting moment.
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    Chefsbrian got a reaction from Unehydrodyday in War Thunder   
    Anybody here perhaps play War Thunder? I've been flying for about a month myself, and I've just been having a blast with the game, and I am crazy excited for tanks to go open beta :D
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