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  1. Yeah, I'd imagine it's in the same vein as Super Mario run or Pokemon go, just extra cash from mobile.

    As for the people who thought MOBA on mobile was a good idea, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    The new AMD Vega cards are about to be released, and despite my digging through various dark corners of the internet, I'm still not quite sure what to expect, although I'm relatively confident on full Vega 64 landing between the 1080 and 1080ti. (Yes that's a huge range. No, I don't have any better information.)


    I'll probably be getting one just for the deep learning performance though anyways, I've been looking into learning how to bring up a neural network to post horrible jokes flatten wallpapers for me



    Version: 15.10

    IP: spence.mooo.com (port is default)

    PASSWORD: the password is another word for "multiple behinds". PM me or hit me up on steam if you don't guess right



    I turned down the time evolution factor on biters, so feel free to durdle a little bit.

    The map is a modified version of the rail world preset; Resources are farther apart so rails will be needed


  3. 42 minutes ago, dwwojcik said:

    Hey guys remember Tekkit?  I have to say, after a refreshing year+ long break from Minecraft, it's pretty fun.

    Bytemaster says he could run a server for us if there's general interest.  The other option of course being Factorio.

    Yup. Whichever you guys want, I'll get it running. I don't think I can do both at once though. Factorio 0.15 is 99% done and has recently been pushed to the experimental build, so we could start it next week (after I finish my finals), or any modpack you guys want would be great as well. Let me know if you have any candidates you want.

    That said, whichever we end up going with, I've acquired some battery UPS units from a surplus sale, which I'll be adding to the router and server, so the server will be super duper reliable. :science:

  4. 11 hours ago, Munaus said:

    I hate minecraft. I recently got on my last playthrough on my own, super-secret, hidden, near-perfect-but-not-flawless modpack....


    and I immediately died because my fishing line caught a swordfish by mistake and it attacked and I fell in the ocean and it killed me.

    The swordfish, not the ocean.


    So I thought of quickly going through my base to grab some defense and armour and potions for breathing and.... fuck it. I just reload my savefile. Surely I must have saved last time I played?



    NOOOOOPE! I got back to a save where my base wasn't even finished.

    Fuck fuck fak fck faaak!

    What's the theme of the modpack? Sounds kind of interesting.


    On 4/14/2017 at 7:01 AM, Munaus said:

    I have a Shadow of a Boner.

    Imagine how quickly you could get motionsick if it supported VR.


    On 4/14/2017 at 4:51 AM, Melfice said:

    So, HTC VIVE?
    Fucking amazing.

    It's got some minor niggles, but they're of the kind you work around.
    Like, you can't use your eyes to look around very well. If it's in the corner of your eye, you need to move your head to look at it.

    But it's so damned cool to just walk around and "touch" things. 

    Glad to hear it's impressive. I think I'll have to wait for a price drop, but that does sound really appealing.

  5. Alright that's it.

    Ain't nobody topping this.

    In fact you could say.

    That it's

    Number one.


    Factorio .15 is coming really soon and looking really good on the performance end, so even those with toasters should be able to join, and my core2duo server should be able to run it well. -> https://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-185

    We've also upgraded our internet to a wired connection. It has a tiny bit less burst upload speed, but on the plus side it has waaaaay better reliability, so no more random drops like when we had that tekkit legends server way back when. I look forward to playing with y'all when it comes out, it's gonna be great. I'll also likely invite some nerds normal attractive people I've met over from Netrunner land, so there'll be more than enough activity to make things interesting.


    For those who didn't get the reference in the video:


    How's everybody's schooling going? (Where applicable.)

    I've actually started tutoring in my university as a part time gig.

  6. Turns out my personally most common and rattling nightmare is also one of the most realistic; Walking up to my computer only to discover that it's been hijacked for heaven-knows-how-long and is being remotely accessed.

    Factorio 0.15 update is taking longer than I thought, but it looks amazing and is nearly here. Lots of new stuff and tons of optimizations. As soon as it's released I'll put up a server.

  7. 5 hours ago, lukeb28 said:

    I say a blend. I haven't played with mods yet so that might be fun, and 0.15 could be a long ways off. The devs seem very adamant about not giving etas unless you've seen something I haven't (which is very possible as I'm only just really getting into the community).

    IIRC, the devs off-the-cuff said early February at one point, but I'd be hard pressed to find where I read that again.

  8. Okay, so, here's the deal. I'm not sure if I'll have the time/willpower to set it up this week, and the week after that will be the first week of the new semester. My estimate for any kind of timetable is unpredictable at best, but the lessons I learned from the old KJ Technic Legends server, (as well as the large amount of learning I've done concerning Linux), will help a lot, so it might actually not be all that bad.


    That said, the way I see it, we have three options for the server.

    1. Run stock on the latest version. (0.14)

    2. Wait for 0.15 to come out, which will have a *lot* of new content and tweaks.

    3. Embrace the darkness and use mods.

  9. Great way to start off the year: my youtube mixtape, which is exactly on time as promised:



    23 minutes ago, lukeb28 said:

    Hello everyone!

    Is anyone here playing factorio? I've put about 200 hours in the last few weeks into it and now I want to try the multiplayer!

    I've played it a bit and would love to try multi as well. Would y'all be interested in a persistent Kitty Jail server? Given some patience, I could run it on this spare laptop I have next to me.

    9 hours ago, Melfice said:

    Moral of this story: Do everything you can with as much arrogance as possible. It pays off. (don't listen to that)

    Donald Trump would like to have a word with you.

  10. I got a Steam Controller and Steam Link for Christmas.

    I'm honestly impressed by how good they are, the link in particular. On a wired network it's pretty much indistinguishable from playing at my desktop. I mean, no-one is going to be playing pro CSGO on a Link anytime soon, but still, it's consistently adding about ~3ms display lag/ ~1ms added input lag according to the debug stats. Vsync alone is usually worse than this IIRC.

    As far as graphical artifacts, it's basically perfect. The only time I noticed anything at all was when the GPU, (R9 Fury), was pushed to the absolute limit, and even then it was still plenty playable.

    The Steam Controller, well, it's also better than I thought it would be. It's a learning curve, and once in a while it's a tad clunky handling games with no built-in normal controller support, but the controller itself is plenty serviceable, and I'm loving the community profiles. The control-scheme tweaking looks very in-depth, but I haven't needed it so far.

    (Still working on youtube mixtape.)

  11. We got a good storm here today, I was convinced that it was gonna keep going.

    A few hours later and it's all melted :<

    Digging around in my pictures folder a little, here's a throwback I found:


    Anyone else want me to MS Paint something? Bored here.

    If nothing gets suggested I'll repost the other MS paint art I made forever ago. The one that made Lethosos want to dig his single eye out with a rusty ice cream scoop.

    11 hours ago, Neowulf said:


    Of course Japan would model its personal assistant after an anime girlfriend.

    Of course that's a thing. OF COURSE.

    How horrible. Stuff like this is why humanity is doomed. Where do you even find that stuff? Exactly what specific site would sell such a thing to people? >.>

    I predict it's out for a month, (two tops), before custom models and voicebanks hit. At that point I also predict people will start breaking into modded-gatebox-user homes just to literally throw peoples' waifus in the trash or flush them down the toilet. Because, well, that's where your waifu belongs. :lizard:

  12. 1 minute ago, _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ said:

    brb gonna go see if i can crowdfund my hot water and electricity bill

    BRB crowdfunding development of the ultimate crowdfunding campaign.


    Part of me wonders if this is actually real. I mean, it's...

    ~$100,000$ to run a backhoe for 48h? Is that really what it costs?

  13. 2 hours ago, Lethosos said:

    I like the idea, I'm just not big on Monster Hunter style games.

    I've never tried one, TBH. Maybe I just like the idea of them then? *shrugs*

    Well at any rate, the Mini NES can run Linux. (I mean, it's just an ARM chip, so not really surprising, but still.)



    Me and another person here have decided to throw money at AMD stock.

    It's um...


    Well it's at a five-year high right now, so you tell me.

    If it spikes come Zen in the spring, I'd be tempted to blow the earnings on a Vive, any reasons why I shouldn't? Is there another version in the works or something? Or is the content drought really as bad as I've heard?

    EDIT: Are there three spammers active right now, or have they figured out that they posts will stay up marginally longer if they use more accounts?

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