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  1. 16 hours ago, Lethosos said:

    I liked Ingress, as it wasn't too bad in terms of "points of interest" as node locations. I actually had one of the lakes and a graveyard near me as two such. Too bad it does a number on the battery--I may just go back to being one of the Renagades when I get a new phone.

    IIRC, Pokemon Go is even worse in that regard as hardware-wise it uses everything Ingress does plus your camera/ALL the sensors/even more GPU for the AR shtick.

  2. 2 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

    Yeah, gyms and centers have been placed in a lot of shady places, unfortunately. I wonder what the process for choosing places is.

    Oh btw, does this seem like a good build to you guys?

    IIRC, Pokemon Go has imported a *lot* of data the other Nitanic project, Ingress. I'm not sure how close to the center/gym/whatnot you have to be in Go, but Ingress gave you a good 50-70 feet or so of range to be able to interact with the in-game terrain/objects.

    The build seems fine, no glaring flaws I see, (Other than the lack of an HDD for storage, but I assume you have one already.)

    It might be worth it to wait until the 1080 doesn't cost an arm and a leg more than it should/get an AIB model. You could put that money into moving from an i5-6600k to an i7-6700. That's totally up to how much patience you have though.

    What resolution are you planning on driving with the 1080? 1080p? :P

  3. 10 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

    Well sure, but why limit it to when you're going to sleep? You might be dying every nanosecond for all you know.

    (...do you listen to the Hello Internet/watch CGPgrey or do you just have good timing?)

    Personally sleep feels more to me like a low-power mode of consciousness, kind of like a computer's sleep mode.

    I guess I just have good timing.

    3 hours ago, Melfice said:

    That doesn't matter, because the universe is destroyed and recreated every instant. Your "death" wouldn't even register in time for it matter.
    You'd die outside of existence, therefore you wouldn't even realize it and continue on as you'd get recreated just before your death.



  4. 2 hours ago, Vox De Harlequin said:


    What happened?

    And what's Brexit?

    Got blinded by the sun and hit the corner of a wide truck parked on the opposite side of the street as the other parked wide truck I had to go around. Nobody was hurt, thankfully.

    Brexit is kind of important, you should read the news.

    TLDR; The universe was created, (which has widely been regarded as a bad move), one thing lead to another, and then Britain decided to leave the EU, which is causing lots of people to have a Very Bad Day™.

  5. 2 hours ago, ValkonX11 said:

    Not sure about the temperature, but from what I saw of the gameplay video weapons and such seemed plentiful enough that gear breaking wouldn't really be a problem.

    Temperature just seemed like having the correct gear avalible. Didn't watch too much of the gameplay, so I could be wrong.

    At any rate, I don't have a Wii U. Mayyyyybe I'll get the NX so I can scoop up all the delicious Nintendo exclusives, depending on what the NX actually turns out to be, of course.

  6. 4 hours ago, Melfice said:


    I have self-control.
    Unfortunately, my self-control has no self-control.

    I want. I want it so bad.

    You can make calls with it. It's a productivity tool, right?

    8 hours ago, planetguy said:

    I'm eyeing the 480 myself as well - I'll probably get one for my new computer build. (I'm sort of holding out for AMD Zen on the CPU side - I could use the higher core count for compiling - but it looks like it might be a bit far off. I'll probably go for an AM4 APU to hold me over, then get a Zen chip once they turn up.) On the GPU side, I don't have a set budget, and between my two monitors I have a bit more than 1080p in pixels - with some perf penalty for AMD's Linux drivers, the 480 lineup looks about right. (Not that I can really game on both monitors, they're mismatched so it's rather awkward. I just play on the bigger one.) The Nvidia parts are pretty impressive, but AMD has excellent open-source drivers on Linux. With Nvidia you're married to the binary blob - should Nvidia not support your software stack, you're SOL.

    I've been hearing AMD has made decent leeway in improving their drivers. Hopefully Vulkan support sticks around and is added to more and more games, I feel like that would be the final piece to making *nix gaming truly viable.

    Also: ZELDA HYPE



  7. AHHH, forums are back. Anyone know what the cause was this time? Just curious.


    Anyways, back from my trip. Costa Rica was nice. I read a lot of saved Wikipedia articles on CPU architecture and design while I was gone. Favorite sentence I read all week was:

    "To resolve this would require the data from memory to be passed backwards in time to the input to the ALU. This is not possible." (emphasis mine)

    A lot of the logical problems and workarounds involved in pipeline design are fascinating to me. I've played TIS-100, Human Resource Manager, etc, but now I'm curious, are there any games that involve designing cpu logic hardware? (Or similar?) Or have I officially gone off the deep end on what I consider fun?

    Failing that, any good software for circuit design you could recommend? I'd like to toy around with this a bit.


    This has been stuck in my head all week:


    "Something is beautiful and I discovered bravado bourgeois monopolies them, yeaaaeaaaeaaaaaah."


    Let's see, what else has been...

    *reads around*

    *laughs at people trying to get gtx 1080 and 1070*

    Anyone else looking forward to getting an RX 480 when they drop come end of June? (I'm hoping it will be enough for 1440p. 199 USD for the base model is hard to go wrong with though.) Any thoughts on doing 8GB vram for ~230$ instead? Not sure if I'll need 8GB but I know the 1GB on my current r7 260 ain't cutting it. (Well, neither is the GPU itself but you get the idea.)


    Anyone attending E3? Highlights? Favorite parts? Disappointments? I've been poking around a tad, but all I was really interested in was a GPU with the full Polaris 10 chip, and that has already not happened. I think there was a shooter someone was developing.


    ALSO: I have a spare key for Dungeon of the Endless from the humble monthly thing. Anyone want it?

  8. Ahh,   Cryptonomicon, that's on my list. I should go get a copy of that.

    In unrelated news, why is shopping for a monitor SO HARD? At this point I think I'm just going to get this 1440p monitor I found, but I keep second guessing myself. Should I do that? Get a basic 1080p monitor and save money? 1080p and 144hz? Freesync? Sell my kidney and get a really nice new 1440p monitor? Arrfrghfhhg.

    Any suggestions?

  9. Going to record a Duskers Let's Play, using your names for the drones. Let me know if you want something other than your forum name or you have any suggestions.

    On 5/12/2016 at 7:32 AM, planetguy said:

    I'll second the suggestion for Hacker's Keyboard. I used it for a while, until I got sick of soft keyboards altogether. Now I use a laptop or desktop.

    I'd do that too, but we can't all carry a laptop around in our pockets.

  10. 4 hours ago, _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ said:

    The only conference I'm looking forward to with any sort of interest is Bethesda's, only to see more Dishonored 2. 

    The only conference I'm looking forward to is whatever conference or event AMD announces Polaris at. I've decided on getting a top-end Polaris 10 card and putting my new PC together when I get it.

    Oh, and has anyone here tried Stellaris? We should all talk about it to torture Dwwojcik because he can't get it for another few days. I'm sort of thinking about it, but I'm not sure if I will enjoy it enough to justify the (admittedly quite reasonable) price right now.

    1 hour ago, Vox De Harlequin said:

    live vivaciously through TheScribeD, 

    This typo amuses me more than it should.

  11. 7 hours ago, theprolo said:

    I prefer Tracer to Mei, she's easier to use and fits my playstyle better. Definitely not because I'm English. Definitely.

    I mean, I got 59 kills in a round as Tracer, so ended up playing as her wayyy too much out of habit

    Fair enough. I like Tracer's mechanics, but I enjoy slamming doors on people with ice walls way too much.

    (Plus I died way too much as Tracer anyways.)

    The gratuitous NGE reference D.VA was pretty good too, although I may have killed myself with self destruct a few too many times. "NERF THIS!"

  12. 2 hours ago, Vox De Harlequin said:

    On the other hand, it's a great advertising hook: "A taste of nobility."

    I just got that, like two hours later.

    Hooray for nerd jokes.

    Wait, Nitrogen isn't a noble gas. Is there some other joke I'm missing here?

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