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  1. Setting up a redstone circuit that would alternate between two or more EMP's would certainly be nice in the event of a few missiles coming in rapid succession. That would help remedy the gap in your defenses that occurs after an EMP has been fired and is recharging. For example, If my enemy has only one auto-firing EMP tower set up, I would fire a conventional missile to use up their EMP tower’s charge, followed by a higher tier missile a few seconds later to destroy them.

  2. So, I recently discovered this Touhou doujin music circle, (If you haven't heard of Touhou, I don't really blame you. It's an absurdly difficult bullet-hell type game made by a man known only as ZUN), called Tutti Sound. They make fantabulously amazing epic orchestral music.

    Example: ->

    To make a short story even shorter, I want to buy the -newest album- that just barely came out, but it says that they cannot ship internationally, and to “Contact me by e-mail or Facebook”

    I cannot find, for the life of me, any way to do this. All of the pages I found on Facebook appear to be unofficial.

    So, essentially, what I am asking is, can anyone find a way to contact this group, OR can anyone find a way to purchase this and have it shipped internationally to America? I would be extremely grateful if you helped.

    Many thanks!

    EDIT: To be ABSOULUTELY CLEAR,I am aware that it would probably be easy, but I -DO NOT- want to pirate this music. I respect them more than that. Thanks

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