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  1. 7 hours ago, Vox De Harlequin said:

    I don't understand why you could have a problem with seltzer water. I mean, it is simply water infused with the deadly deadly side effects of respiration!

    What's not to love.

    As a side-note, it worries me slightly that the reason for the hate mob in Byte's dream sounds like it would be a plausible one in reality. 'Tis truly a sad time we live in.


    Also, hello kitty jail.

    See, now you're just making me question all soda. And yes, it kind of does sound like something that could actually happen, now that you mention it.

    Welcome, always good to have a new voice here. And now that you have posted, your fate is sealed, and you can never truly leave this place. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

    I assume my contribution to the cause consisted of floating in the air for two minutes before dropping out due to connection problems, as is tradition?

    You were the resident slightly drunk engineer of our group, hopping from ship to ship as needed when you were not aboard your Ghost-class stealth vessel, the Halberd Night. Working with our mad scientist, Dentcat, you were able to develop an experimental neutron cannon, allowing us to catch large numbers of ships off guard with their shields down. You also rescued our double agent, Richs_Yard, from the enemy after his continual relaying to us of the plans of the mob was uncovered. That was quite the white-knuckle mission, you only made it out because Okamikk happened to be passing nearby and kamikaze'd the enemy ship when he found out what was going on.


    8 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

    Also, if an internet hate mob delivers cakes to your front door I wouldn't recommend eating them,

    I guess I wasn't in the dream long enough for the laxatives or anthrax or whatnot to kick in.


    2 hours ago, Lethosos said:

    Okay, I like that. I'm a fan of ramming maneuvers, anyways.

    Though, "Wunderschnee" keeps me thinking I named her after Weiss Schnee, from RBWY...

    Hey, you were the one who named the ship, you might have done just that.

    To be fair, Weiss Shnee is "white snow" in German.


    14 minutes ago, _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ said:

    Excuse me?

    Hey, it wasn't my idea, Neowulf was the one who came up with it. Your new ship was still pretty impressive though, nearly five sixths of her mass was weaponry when the hyperspace tech was activated. Blew a clean hole threw a small moon once, the colony on the other side never saw that coming.


  3. 4 hours ago, Lethosos said:

    ooo... what was I? A Naga-class? :D

    Must resist urge to write sprawling fan-fiction.

    Must...resist... ahh screw it.


    You were captain and robotic operator of the heavily shielded defensive Golem-class starship Wunderschnee. Near the end of the void-clearing chapter of the story, the Wundershnee was lost along with the ultra-heavy-destroyer S.S. Mataroyale in a queen's-sacrifice gambit.

    However, we were able to salvage the massive shield generator from the ship before sending it off to be destroyed. With it, a new ship was constructed for you to pilot. The Needle-class Starpiercer was created using that generator. The ship was designed as an extremely fast ramming ship, traveling along at near the speed of light, but not above it, so as not to trip warp-drive detectors. The shield generator was only able to be powered by the small ship for fragments of a second at a time, but that's all the time that was needed to pierce all but the heaviest armor. The ship would generate the needed energy by setting off a massive anti-matter reaction in its wake as it approached the target.

    Similarly, the S.S. Mataroyale had its heavy main cannons removed before being destroyed. They were fixed to a new small ship, the Novabreach, using hyperspace tech, allowing it to maintain a low profile until its massive-caliber cannons were needed. This trick lead to the demise of more than a few otherwise formidable ships.


    Okay, now I just want to keep writing this.

  4. So, just had this rather coherent dream for once as opposed to the usual mishmash of characters, nonsense dialogue, and 80’s CGI Hollywood effects, so I thought I’d share. Plus I can’t sleep any more now anyways.

    So, here I was, just chilling out, enjoying playing muh video games, (particularly some sort of fusion of EVE Online, Warframe, and Starmade. It actually seemed like a really cool game.), when for no good reason, I became the target of a good-old-fashioned public internet hate-mob. The reason I had become public enemy no. 1 is because apparently some Mexican father had tried to contact me about helping his obese son to exercise and become healthy. I never saw his message, and apparently that translated into some sort of unforgivable sin against humanity. (shrugs)

    So anyways, I started being attacked randomly inside said game, (my existence in which was also somehow tied to my ability to listen to Spotify???). First rando or two, I handily blew up, leaving naught but fragments of spaceship and angry-yet-defenseless people. After that, it started to get overwhelming.

    And then the cavalry arrived. ALL of you guys swooped in, saved my butt multiple times, and we, coordinated via Skype, commenced obliterating noobs and skilled-yet-uncoordinated players alike with extreme prejudice. Lazers flew, bombs whiffed, ships were boarded and Warframes bit the floor. A massive horde of random people were bitterly defeated before the awesome might of our ragtag fleet of ships and crew. After clearing a massive buffer zone around the area of space where I usually was, which apparently no new ships could spawn in, we were enjoying a victory party. We had a pool barbecue. (But in SPACE, so cooler I guess.)

    When SUDDENLY, we were all teleported into the depths of a massive, and very hostile, enemy mothership/planetoid/thing™. Our escape was epic, and, after judicious use of short-range teleportation techniques to drop missile and laser turret locks, we escaped back into open space. (and got to watch the massive ship explode death-star style for some reason, that was cool too.)

    After that I guess some pop star must have died again or something, because the public stopped seeming to care about me and everyone went on with their lives. The massive void in the space game we cleared out remained as a testament to what had happened.

    Real world damage to me consisted entirely of two amusingly benign and delicious vanilla cakes being delivered to my doorstep, already paid for. (I guess this was a very amateur internet hate mob???)

    Overall, 8/10, still a better love story than Twilight, would buy again.

  5. I went onto the Tekkit Legends server and started chunkloader hunting. Planetguy and Holymage, I mined your base loaders and put them into nearby chests. (As well as your nearby quarry, Holymage.) If you want to put them back, go right ahead, or let me know and I'll do it for you.

    I'm trying to free up some resources so that we'll have plenty of headroom for Factorio. (The factorio server runs totally fine now with only like 3% CPU usage, but I'd like to ensure we don't hit any snags when huge factories are built.)

    If you have no intention of playing Tekkit Legends on the Kitty Jail server any more, please disable your chunkloaders to help bring down the idle server CPU/RAM usage. (Or just tell me where I might find your chunkloading devices and I'll do it for you.)

    Also, I had no idea that the server was out of date. The current server version is 1.0.10, for reference. If anyone wants me to update it, I will.

  6. On 4/4/2016 at 2:04 PM, Lethosos said:

    Byte, did you go and turn off the Legends Server?

    Accidentally, while I was trying to get Factorio working with the firewall, yes. It is on again. Sorry about that.

    As far as I can tell, the server should be able to handle both at once, let me know if any excessive slowdowns occur.

  7. 8 hours ago, Melfice said:

    Alright, thanks! Seems to be on somewhat the right track then.

    Would the OS really need more room than 120GB to run properly? The C drive would literally only be used for Windows, and everything else thrown on the 1TB HDD.
    I'm not expecting to be able to buy a new PC before September, maybe October. Would the new generation of processors be out by then, both of you reckon? See, I've my mind made up now, and having decided I can't do it until September/October is hard enough as it is. ;)

    Zen/Kaby Lake probably won't be out quite by then, but frankly, as exciting as AMD being relevant in the CPU sector again is, they won't be all that important to your build. The new GPUs should be out though, and those are going to be a massive improvement over the previous generation. They're supposed to start coming out this summer, although it's important to note that this is a new process for both AMD and Nvidia, (14/16 nm vs the old 32nm process size), so they may only be releasing smaller GPUs at first until the yields improve. Even then, I'd be willing to bet money that a suitable GPU for your build comes out by fall.

    As for your SSD, just Windows on 120GB is totally fine, I have a build that does exactly that. But you aren't going to get nearly as much of a speed boost if you don't install programs there too. (Remember, installed programs contribute to start up time and loading sluggishness too.) 240GB drives are both cheap and big enough to where I'd recommend getting one and installing a lot of your programs there in addition to the OS. (And they're only going to get cheaper by the time you go to build your rig.)


  8. 6 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

    50 small programs that open at boot and report their state every few seconds? Seems like it'd be a bit of a resource drain. Also, surely real antivirus-programs don't let other programs just outright kill them? And any more cheeky ways of closing them down would be lost on a dummy .exe?

    Not 50, more like 10, as far as I was thinking. They usually don't, true, (although I have seen malware actually do that). I suppose a better way to go about making sure your "antivirus" is still working is to have the main process check every process against a list as it reports in, raising the alarm if one fails to report in. One thing that would be good to fake is the method that the various AVs store settings, such as turning off AV definition updates or scheduled scans. Those should be checked, obviously.

    I'm not actually thinking about making this, btw, it was more of a thought exercise.

    EDIT: Dang it, I just realized 2 posts ago was my 1337th post. Missed my chance.

    EDIT AGAIN: Ahahahah, this is glorious, maybe I can actually run Witcher 3 now;



  9. Here's an idea.

    What if I wrote a set of programs with process names matching that of all known popular antivirus executables. Then I set up a process to monitor them all and tell me if any of them are ever killed or not running. Or maybe all of the dummy processes would all report their state to the master process every few seconds.

    Any malware that chickens out upon seeing certain AV processes will leave me alone, and any malware that tries to kill my sham antivirus will blow its own cover.

    Thinking further, I could also include processes for a bunch of common debugging/analysis/disassembly tools, as some malware is also know to try and avoid those. All of the sham processes could also hash their own executables on startup, comparing to a known good hash.


    To take things even farther, you could put the sham executables in the legitimate install locations of each of the antivirus programs you fake, and even spread some registry keys around that they use.

  10. I've finally got a good enough replacement for plug.dj. It's not perfect, but it's easily the best one I've found now that it's been improved.


    Come one, come all, come on and slam.


    The system is a bit weird, but it works.

    You can queue songs directly into "your queue"

    Then you join the DJ queue, and they'll play

    You can also make playlists and dump them into your queue

  11. Why not both? A captcha for a new thread and a new thread limit for new accounts.

    I'm guessing that a captcha for making a new thread would be harder to implement though, when I think about it. And really, just a new thread cap for accounts less than one or two days old would all but solve the problem.

    Both are easier said than done though.

    Anyways, a question. Usually, my car roof looks kind of like this when it's cold and frosty in the morning:







    A little while ago, it looked like this instead:







    Any ideas why this could happen? I've never seen it before or since, it's a complete mystery to me.

    EDIT: Also, somehow I have 11453 profile views?

  12. 12 hours ago, holymage! said:

    we are talking GPU though not CPU's 


    The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a "processor". They do use thermal paste, just like CPUs.

    I forgot to mention, the game I was playing, (NEOTOKYO*), has never exhibited this in the past. And it hasn't been updated in forever.

    At any rate, I'm doing a full driver reinstall with a more stable edition of the drivers. (I was on the performance branch, switching to the boring stable business branch.)

    YETI: That seems to have mostly fixed it, max temp after a frame-unlocked stress test is a much more acceptable, (although still kinda high), 75C

  13. Crap, my laptop's GPU has decided to go crazy on me. It keeps hitting 99 degrees Celsius and throttling itself while playing this old HL2 mod. I turned on Vsync to lock the framerate down, but it's still hitting 89. The only time it ever hit anywhere close to that before is when I was playing Warframe with the GPU clocked 25% over stock for long periods of time.

    Any ideas? This is a rather sudden thing. New thermal paste, maybe?

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