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     Getting that fix in right now, Planet. Sorry I didn't have it in earlier.


    Ehehehh, turns out scripts work a lot better if you actually reboot the server after dumping them in. NOW it should be working. :derp:


    Woah, neat. I finally figured out how to get rid of random quote boxes when you try to reply. Turns out the trick is to be in the line above the quote box you want to get rid of and then hit the "Delete" key.

  2.  Getting that fix in right now, Planet. Sorry I didn't have it in earlier.


    I've always been of the opinion that Yandere Simulator would be a better game if it had the same kind of mechanics... but you weren't a yandere.

    Maybe an assassin or something, I dunno.

    That sounds a lot better. Maybe you'd be an assassin and have to figure out which students were counter-assassins or something. Could be good with multiplayer too, but that'd be really tricky to design.


    Woah, 17 pages of spam. Remind me what the record was again?

  3.  Wait. Anyone remember Yandere-Sim? Apparently it wasn't a joke. This guy's still at it. (Probably don't watch this at work.)


    After wondering about humanity for a few minutes, I realized the gameplay could actually be kind of fun. I have often looked at mystery "who's the murderer" games and wondered if the game would be more fun if you could be the murderer. "And then there were none" and all that.

    Nevermind, after reading some of his bug-fixes, now I'm just kind of weirded out.

    "Fixed a bug where you could still have time to torture a prisoner before school after sleeping in due to reading manga at night."


    At any rate, I can only imagine :foxnews: FOX NEWS :foxnews: will have way too much fun with this when it's found on some kid's computer after he/she gets arrested for violence or threatens a school or whatever.

    Put this in a ".zs" file in (server folder)/scripts.

    Thanks, I'll hopefully get that in tonight.

  4. Hey Byte, do you think it would be fair to add UU-matter recipe for ender pearls to your server? There doesn't seem to be one built in. One idea I've seen floating around is 8 UUM along the edges of the crafting table making one pearl, do you think that's reasonable?

    That sounds more than fair. I have no idea where I would begin though, perhaps you could point me in the right direction?

  5. it's weird that they would go out with 8, since Skyrim went with 2 min. and 4 rec. What magic have they pressed inside F4 exactly?

    Bigger textures, higher render distance, more detailed geometry/tessellation, more/higher-bitrate sounds/music, more detailed engine, more entities/enemies at once, more sophisticated AI, etc.

    Just the natural software requirement creep-over-time, really.

    EDIT: Wow, I just got ninja'd. That has not happened in a long time.

  6. That's a pretty good bundle. Does it come with a Wandows key?

    In any case, :downsrim: (because its a case and computers have... cases... nevermind), make sure to look around for the GPU, there's some pretty good deals floating around. (If you don't mind rebates.)

    Big rebate on this one, but here's another bundle, without a GPU. (Might want to swap out the motherboard though.)

    Happy hunting, Mata.

  7. You're lucky you only have to get a new card. I'm going to see if I can build a new computer for Fallout with like a 500$ dollar budget since my old one's on my final legs.

    This is totally possible. Two main routes you could go here. Number one, (the normal way) is to:

    • Pick out parts on Newegg/Tigerdirect/whatever (I'd recommend a cheap AMD processor like Neowulf has, an FX 6300 can be had for ~100$ and works reasonably well for games.)
    • Fight with any stupid rebate companies that are applicable.
    • Boom done.

    Or number two, (my way) is to:

    • Get something along the lines of this from Ebay, put the guts in a new case if you want, and then add a PSU + GPU. (And maybe more RAM.)
    • Either swap out the HDD with your current one or upgrade later when you have the money. (Or just use the one that came with it.)
    • Boom done


  8. When I was researching what card to get for fallout 4 I was reminded why I stay away from intel and nvidia as much as possible.

    Comparing a radeon to a geforce of similar price, gpuboss gave the nvidia card a 10% better rating despite all but two metrics falling in the radeon's favor. Some metrics by 200-300% better on the radeon. Clock and memory speeds, texture fill rates, actual game frame rates, 3dmark scores for dx10 and dx11. All of that takes second fiddle to 50 watts of draw power and 3dmark directx 9 scores apparently.

    Wow. I mean, I've seen the anti-AMD bias before, but never quite that bad. The bias is almost as bad as the site design.  :iceburn:

    It's still somewhat biased towards Nintel stuff, but I usually use http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/ as a starting point and then look around at real-world game benchmarks on different news sites. I'd like to use somewhere else as a starting point though. Anyone have any recommendations on good unbiased sources?

    I wish I could tell google to never show me to never show me that site in searches ever again. I hate paid shills pushing themselves off as unbiased info sources. There's just GOT to be a better way!

    <insert infomercial intro here>

    Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/personal-blocklist-by-goo/nolijncfnkgaikbjbdaogikpmpbdcdef?hl=en-US

    Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hide-unwanted-results-of-go/?src=search


  9. From what I heard twitch beat dark souls. Though apparently after the first boss they had to alter the player so it basically became turn based.

    Yeah. They put in the option to have like a ~50 second delay in-between every few seconds or so of action to both let the viewers see the consequences of their actions before choosing what to do next, (because of stream lag), and to gather votes for what the next action should be. (So, democracy mode from TPP, essentially.) So not quite as great as beating it in real time. (But somewhat impressive from a technical point-of-view though. Not sure how they implemented that without making the game unstable.)

    They borked the operating system, they installing arch linux now



    And, once they finish, they will install a Gameboy emulator. And then...

    That or they'll log into twitch chat, find the channel they're on, and then the singularity will be upon us.


    Oh wait, shoot, is it already over?

    Lol, they had to close the stream down for now, apparently someone had a huge botnet, (which is the only reason they "succeeded"), and kept trying to install nmap.

  10. what server? I want a refund!

    This server.

    Alright guys, the Official Kitty Jail Tekkit Legends server is officially OPEN. :frogsiren:

    Rules: Be cool. Don't grief, steal, etc. I neither want nor expect to have to make some exhaustive list of rules. 

    The server address is:  spence.mooo.com

    (No, that's not my name, I just borrowed the address.)

    Things to note:

    • I have left mobgriefing enabled, but I, (or an op), will compensate/refund you if exessssssive damages are caused by this, (IE: creeper in your machine room.)
    • All chunk-loading is enabled, but please keep it reasonable, as the server isn't super duper powerful. Please no more than one or two chunkloading devices per person.
    • PvP is enabled.
    • The server difficulty is set to Normal.
    • The server should be on 24/7, but if anything happens to it, let me know either here or on Steam, and I'll fix it ASAP.

    I have made a few custom config file tweaks, the significant ones are listed below:



    Hidden Content

    Enjoy! :tipshat:

  11. Argh, server isn't working right, it's rejecting the latest client. I'm working on fixing it now.

    The server is now fixed! also, :siren:COPPER ORE HAS BEEN RETROGENNED :siren: 

    If any of your stuff was overwritten with copper, let me or an OP know and you'll get refunded.

  12. Wait, so what is the kitty jail, and why? I don't see any kitties trying to escape O.o

    We just talk about whatever. It's basically what keeps us from derailing every other thread in the forums.

    And now you can never leave.


    (We also have a Tekkit Legends server. *Which has just been updated to the latest version.* The address is a few pages back if you'd like to join.)

  13. So I was playing Hacknet way too late at night yesterday, got bored, decided to write a greentext for some reason. (I don't actually use 4chan.) Probably because I was up too late.

    (Contains some spoilers)

    >be me
    >playing Hacknet at night
    >hacking simulator game
    >get a new job to do
    >this hacker punk is being too aggressive
    >stealing big stuff, bragging about it
    >all over the news
    >bringing too much attention to the rest of us, makes us look super evil
    >gotta put him in his place
    >he already stole stuff, but maybe I can wreck what he stole
    >find server he dumped it on
    >crack knuckles
    >actually only two of them can crack but whatever
    >trace timer starts counting down, beeping at me
    >get into server, start digging around
    >finally find files
    >copy BEEP them
    >15s left
    >delete them from the server BEEP
    >oh no, BEEP gotta get the BEEP logs BEEP
    >get into BEEP the BEEP log BEEP directory BEEP
    >3s BEEP
    >computer crashes, start to panic
    >oh wait that file I a while back found mentioned this
    >the terminal crashes on purpose to stop the trace from completing
    >wipe sweat off brow
    >screen comes up
    >everything normal, looks like nothing happened
    >just gotta get back into the server and finish cleaning the logs
    >this'll be easyBEEEEEEEEEP
    >bricks hit floor
    >first command I think of to stop this
    >forkbomb executes, fills up all of my RAM
    >it makes me crash again
    >computer starts to reboot
    >pls no
    >finishes booting
    >only console, no GUI, no menus, no buttons 
    >just cold hard console
    >wait I have a backup of that file right?
    >browses around files using console
    >no backups
    >remember seeing XSERVER.SYS files in other servers I hacked
    >i can still fix this, just gotta-
    >GUI is still gone
    >was the only way to see all the IP's collected so far, so can't connect to anything
    >that's okay, I have one IP in my notes file-
    >notes file scrubbed
    >why u do dis
    >about to quit and start new game
    >wait.... idea
    >browse to my log directory
    >some logs are still there
    >only IP I can find is the one that connected to me and messed me up
    >nothing left to lose, let's do this
    >it's a proxy server whoever messed with me used, not thier personal server
    >pray they aren't watching
    >hack in, no traces
    >find XSERVER.SYS
    >copy it, mission accomplished
    >out of habit, go to clear my logs
    >type "rm *"
    >before I hit enter, notice what the logs say
    >"Routed proxy connection from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy"
    >yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is my IP
    >punk hacker hasn't cleaned the logs yet
    >write down IP
    >all systems operational
    >let the flying circus begin

    I love this game.

  14. 30 fucking pages in off topic alone...
    This is insane. Last night I cleaned 2-3 accounts every half hour, and now I come back to 30 goddamn pages of scams.

    If there's a way to just give me the rights to clean out spam, I'd totally help.

    And on an unrelated note, all cows should be spherical and in a vacuum.

    Must not make obvious joke....

    must...... not....



    bye bye plug.dj


    I'll be here all day, so COME ON AND SLAM

    Yes, the UI is really terrible, but it'll work until https://turn.fm/ is up.

    Good news.

    Now that PAYDAY 2 is dead, I will be spending much more time here.

    Anyway, I still can't connect to the server. What's going on? The address is spence.mooo.com, right? It's not finding any servers at all over there. Are you sure you unblocked me properly?

    Hmm, I'm not quite sure what's going on then, my guess would be that your IP is appearing to the firewall box to come from a country I haven't white-listed. It'll be a few days before I get access to the firewall again, but I'll try and figure out what's going on as soon as I can. The logs are rather detailed, so I'm sure any connection attempts you've made will be in there.

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