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  1. Hamachi is the stupidest thing I've ever heard port forwarding is easy *once you learn how learning is the hardest part then when you do know it's SUPER EASY* go to this site and look for your router remember the port you should use is 25565 you should also go this site though you should only need portforward.com since you have the server downloaded already and java 7-17 *witch I think is the newest build* Hamachi will give you all kinds of probs and bugs and crud all and all I just found it a lot easyer to port forward and another thing make sure to go into your CMD and do ipconfig I think it's the IPv4 Address that's the right IP *haven't had to use the CMD in a while* or go to a site like speedtest.net or what's my IP heck just google it getting the IP is the easy part

    Can you try explaining that a little more slowly? i could not understand a word you said and i have gotten really confused!!! you should upload it on youtupe and explain it more clearly

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