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  1. IGN: Kobitus Why: Just looking for some fun and to learn some stuff from others ;)
  2. ING: kobitus Age: Now 19 Experience with Tekkit: I think about year on Technic platform. How long you have been playing for: 2 years, since i first time played MC Vanilla. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): Now I trys to focus more on ComputerCrafts codes and more RedPower staff. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: Casue I'm kinda funny guy. I love (no homo) playing with other people and have a bit chat with them .
  3. Username: Kobitus Age: 19 Why tekkitopia am looking for a mature, friendly server, where i can give tekkit lite the tryout it deserves. Your secret code: 7Kob
  4. IGN: Kobitus Age: 18 Location: Poland I think i'm more "build and create" guys and im actually pretty funny I hope you will white-listed me . Have nice day.
  5. In-game Username: Kobitus Age : 18 Why should you be whitelisted: This would be my first time on multiplayer version of technic pack. I played a lot SP. I just wanna play with some other people and i hope i will and enjoy that. Do you promise to adhere to the rules: Yup!
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