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  1. Some Plugins are bugged with BukkitForge, I think dynmap is one of them.
  2. Get the 1.4.7 build of it not the latest version
  3. Nice to see that you have your server up and running. I have some trouble getting the settings on my server correct. Have problem getting essentials to work. Could you be so kind to tell me which versions you are using for your plugins, and are you using bukkitforge to activate them?

    I use bukkitforge 1.4.7-40. Groupmanager is working thu.

    I really appreciate your help. /Cardpiraya [email protected] engineertroops.com

  4. I'm gonna switch back over to Regular Bukkit, If you guys wanna still play then the IP is gonna be the same, I'm gonna be changing the website though and It's just gonna change back to PVP, Factions, SG and Other Stuff I gotta add.
  5. sorry to bug you but could u white-list me soon? im not trying to get to far on other servers b/c i want to be dedicated to yours!

  6. hey man i sent in a form on the post to join your server, please and me thanks!

  7. Pytohost has REALLY GOOD Service, I use them and I pay 21 a month for 72 slots with Little to No Lag at All. I Recommend them. They also have really fast response service.
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