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  1. Both ways. You can use /p, but there's a lot of typing involved and I find it rather unpleasant. Or you could run an export, edit the files, then run an import. Or when I do finally get around to coding the permissions GUI, you could use that too. (not gonna happen within the next few weeks)
  2. Recommendation: Get a repo or something for your mod. It's gonna be a waste of space (compressed but still space) to pack your src with every release.
  3. Nope, we are deliberately incompatible with BukkitForge and any bukkit plugins.
  4. You can't do that unless you're the server admin, inform him on what is going on and ask him to roll back the save.
  5. Multiverse is probably hardcoded to the bukkit save structure, you'll have to chat with them.
  6. Immibis broke his chunkloader, someone poke the team about it.
  7. *Ding dong* Me: Hi Eloraam, we would like to have permissions apply to your RP2 Items and blocks. Would you like to implement our ForgeEssentials API? Elo: <insert reply here> We hope you have enjoyed this little skit, brought to you by the FE team.
  8. You should have seen the reaction when slowpoke announced that GregTech would be in the pack. Even RichardG and Pahimar spoke out against it.
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