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  1. This link 404s. Can you please post a new link?


    If you use PEX you can use http://pex2gm.cgw.me/ to convert your permissions file and http://gravypod.com:8111/viewLog.html?buildId=lastSuccessful&buildTypeId=bt14&tab=artifacts&guest=1 to replace ModifyWorld. We recommend GroupManager over any other (PermissionsEx in particular) permissions plugins. For a list of reasons why, please read http://bit.ly/QBTtcQ

  2. What Server do you use? Tekkit ? Tekkit Classik TekkitLite? What Version from the Server? What Mods / CoreMods / Plugins

    Multiverse DOES NOT WORK. Nor do any other multiworld plugins. Cross-world TP'ing works in the latest builds.

    Forge and bukkit have very different multiworld implementations. Bukkit has a separate world folder for each world, whereas forge stores them in <worldname>/DIM<number> - DIM0 for overworld, DIM-1 for nether and DIM1 for end. Along with that, each of those dimensions have the same name, meaning that on BukkitForge, worlds are named via their provider's name - overworld, the_nether and the_end. if you want mining ages, use mystcraft for now.

  3. Ok, unfortunately, we support *any* perms plugin but PEX.

    If you use PEX you can use http://pex2gm.cgw.me/ to convert your permissions file to GroupManager (if you want to use it) and this to replace ModifyWorld. We recommend GroupManager over any other (PermissionsEx in particular) permissions plugins. For a list of reasons why, please read http://bit.ly/QBTtcQ.

    Any questions, come onto irc.esper.net, #bukkitforge and ask me.

  4. Then what is the point of BukkitForge? The only reason why someone would use forge is if that person is adding blocks or somehow changing the client. If someone does not want to use forge, that person would use Bukkit on the server, and therefore would not need BukkitForge...

    Because to add blocks you NEED to modify the client. The client needs to know what texture to use, how the block behaves, etc.

  5. Coreprotect is reporting the following problem with bukkitforge...

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [net.coreprotect.CoreProtect] [CoreProtect] Loading CoreProtect v1.74

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [com.earth2me.essentials.Essentials] [Essentials] Loading Essentials v2.9.6

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [com.earth2me.essentials.chat.EssentialsChat] [EssentialsChat] Loading EssentialsChat v2.9.6

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [com.earth2me.essentials.protect.EssentialsProtect] [EssentialsProtect] Loading EssentialsProtect v2.9.6

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [com.earth2me.essentials.antibuild.EssentialsAntiBuild] [EssentialsAntiBuild] Loading EssentialsAntiBuild v2.9.6

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [bukkitForge] Loading PostWorld plugins...

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [net.coreprotect.CoreProtect] [CoreProtect] Enabling CoreProtect v1.74

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] ------------------------------

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] [CoreProtect] CoreProtect was unable to start.

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] [CoreProtect] An incompatible Craftbukkit version was detected.

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] ------------------------------

    2013-01-23 08:15:27 [iNFO] [net.coreprotect.CoreProtect] [CoreProtect] Disabling CoreProtect v1.74

    I've left it with the default bukkitforge version of

    S:bukkitVersionString=git-BukkitForge-1.4.5-R1.0-b3000 jnks (Really: BukkitForge for MC 1.4.7)

    Does anyone know what this needs to be set too, to get coreprotect to accept it as a viable version..

    Change it to this: git-Bukkit-1.4.7-R1.0-b2545jnks (Really: BukkitForge for MC 1.4.7).

  6. Ok. Build #80 fixed PEX a little bit - if you're using ported it should load and some (if not all) plugins will obey its perms. You may also find lots of other little things are fixed.

    Also, it changed world naming again.

    The nether is now called 'The_nether'

    The overworld 'Overworld', and the end 'End'.

    Mystcraft ages are now referenced by their name, but with "_" instead of " ".

    Example: Age 15 => Age_15.

    Bob's house => Bob's_house.

  7. At this point the process is buggy. Install is straight forward.

    bukkitforge in coremods folder

    and plugins in the "plugins" folder you have to create.

    Problems I have encountered:

    - World setup is different - true bukkit each world or layer is treated like separate world with _nether or _the_end suffix. Where in bukkit forge is subfolder 0 (overworld) 1 (nether) 2 (end). many plugins have a problem with that.

    - Mods do not recognize permissions or protections. So difficult to secure.

    Specific to World Guard/World Edit

    - Movement seems to off, while moving within a worldgaurd region, constantly getting greeting and farewell messages

    - World guard/Edit crashes and turns off, leaving areas unprotected

    If there was a list of what calls Bukkitforge does/does not support of Bukkit, it would go a long way in determing what plugins would work, and what plugins or parts of plugins will not.

    End is 1, not 2, nether is -1, not 1. BukkitForge supports all Bukkit calls, but some of them are less functional than others.

  8. Multiverse keeps being listed as working, but I can't get import to work at all. It still only lists a "0" for the world as unloaded (which doesn't load either with the proper command, just gives an error).

    Using latest version of everything as of about 5 minutes of this post.

    Also, creepers are not exploding at all now, they just freeze on the screen with a static puff of smoke under them. No errors in server log. That one could be my client maybe? Will try it on a different computer just for the heck of it. (wasn't the client, one of my friends was connected and had same problem, we could both see it)

    Thanks for all the work on these plugins and help from others here. Decent community. :)

    Yes, worlds are extremely broken ATM.

    I'll look into creepers not exploding. I might be doing something wrong.

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