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  1. I seem unable to find them normally nor hack them in leaving me unable to use mystcraft. can anyone help?
  2. Can anyone help and tell me the default route to it?
  3. I just updated to the most recent Dev build and there are still no water strainers when i search the inventory editor.
  4. How do i deal with the Water mixed with the oil. The wiki tells me to make a water strainer which does not seem to exist. Can someone help I've found the largest deposit type off shroe
  5. I just founds some in my tekkit Lite world (Made after Lite came out) and the inventory editor (Forgotten name) Claims it doesn't exist when i search for it I get it highlighted in my inventory but i doesn't show on the list of items in the game Can someone explain?
  6. I there a to remove all the ages you have unlocked in Mystcraft?
  7. Started a new world with Tekkit lite Played a few hour went to find rubber trees The only biomes that have generated are snowy ones and ocean. Is a feature i am unaware that does this or is it a bug?