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    Let us not forget where we came from! Vanilla minecraft has a dear place in our hearts. But mods are tempting!

    Vanilla Swirl brings you to a Vanilla like world with a few amenities and additions. Like Harvest Craft for tons of food options, and Tinkers construct 

    for tons of tools and weapons! 


    Enjoy building but hate the limitations of blocky blocks!? Well we added microblocks, chisel, and carpenter blocks to fill that void.

    Bibliocraft and MrCray's Furniture mod will help you make your home, well...homey. 



    Vanilla Swirl encourages team building, self made towns, etc. 

    Lets bring back those old school vanilla mechanics like iron foundries and witch farms!


    Current Notable Mods:


    Damage Indicators

    Fishing Nets

    Biblio Craft

    Biomes O Plenty

    Carpenters Blocks



    Inventory Tweaks


    MrCrayfish Furnituremod



    Pam's HarvestCraft

    Tinkers Construct

    What Am I Looking At



    More vanillaish mods to come when more update. 



    The IP is built right into the modpack so just download and go!

    Download Link:



    If you like it give it a thumbs up!

    We also offer you a TeamSpeak3 to use @: secondarygaming.us

    Feel free to join our forums and browse our website at http://secondarygaming.us






  2. FqzEYXz.png

    Secondary Gaming is back with its newest Modpack!


    We developed M&M for our community server in mind. It brings together what we believe to be the most stable

    and fun mechanical and magical mods available. We hope you think so too. Our server opens up several dimensions

    for you to live and play in as you choose. No one is going to tell you how or where to build. Play as you want to play. 


    Notable mods:


    Twighlight Forest

    Thaumcraft 4.1

    Ars Magica 2

    Thermal Expansion


    Project Red


    Applied Energistics

    Tinker's Construct w/ MechWorks and Iguana Tweaks.

    Biomes o' Plenty


    For a full mod list visit our webpage at: http://secondarygaming.us/mc.php

    Notable Plugins:

    Grief Prevention





    World border is set to 6000 with no ocean spawning from BoP. The world is pre-rendered out so there will be no exploration lag.

    Dynmap/Google Map to come at a later date. 




    Villages are not a resource point on M&M. They are mini trade depots and safe havens for players. 

    Villages are admin claimed to reduce griefing to them as well as enable villager trading for all. 

    Villages that are found and not claimed should be reported to staff for claiming. 

    Anyone found living or claiming a village will be forced to move.

    Several custom themed villages have been erected. For instance. The End village trade depot will have

    items commonly found in the end. Same with the Nether and Twilight villages. 


    Iguana Tweaks:

    The tinkers construct addon Iguana Tweaks is installed and the primary 

    way of making tools, weapons, etc. You spawn in the server with a set of flint tools. If you are un-familiar with the mod

    you need not worry. Staff have written a short guide as well as a visual tutorial

    on the server which you will find right in spawn. 


    Events, Raffles, Giveaways:

    From time to time we like to have some mini raffles with whoever is online at the moment. 

    These will usually happen when their are 10+ people on. Prizes range from anything like 

    diamonds to mod specific tools or heavily enchanted tools. 


    We also do raffles for steam games around the holidays as well as if and when we 

    branch in to other games, that game will have a few copies raffled off. 


    Mystcraft train hub:

    Built by Admin TriffidDK and inspired by many is our railcraft train hub. 

    Think of this as a intralinking nexus. BUT....WITH TRAINS!. 

    Anyone can pair their base to this nexus if they like with their own mini train station at 

    their base. An example of what this could look like is set up under the train station. 

    Mystcraft items are for sale in the train hub's village. More details and help can be found

    on the server. 






    Themed Villages:











    Modpack Installation:



    We highly recommend allocating at least 3gb or more ram in the technic launcher.





    Join us on the server and on our TS3 with the above IP.

    Make sure you type /rules when you enter the server. 

    Visit our forums at http://www.secondarygaming.us/

  3. defender

    i bet u are a kid -.- you seriously think they care for that much -.- Also added a new mod project red

    100% right D4rk. He goes from server to server to server literally and is never happy. Acts like hes owned the best server/community ever and then posts any fault he can find. And if he cant find a fault he says something like he did in mine, "edit very very buggy, can't play sadly" and then leaves lol. I wouldn't take anything he says to heart.

    Good luck your modpack seems interesting.

  4. Right it could be. But at the core what is a server besides a desktop using parts specifically designed to run all the time under heavy load and sometimes high heat.Of course their are more differences than that on the board and how certain controllers work. But we dont really need any of that right now. It works perfect for what we need it to and I love it! I do however have a nice chunk of newegg giftcard money I was gifted at Christmas so some new storage options are in the works.

    Honestly though I've never heard of water cooling in any server example. Would be interesting to see though.

    The future build I have planned will indeed be built on more server specific parts. I kind of hoped into a server not knowing if any of this was going to go anywhere so I stayed cheaper with the parts. Its still runs everything we need like a beast so I love it lol.

    Would still love to see if their are any other home hosts out there willing to share some info.

    Thanks for checking us out rcmaehl.

  5. 1. This is a home server. Im not trying to run a company on this. Its minecraft.

    2. My monthly bills have not increased past anything that I would not already need. I already pay an electric bill which hasnt moved and the internet is what I started with when Verizon fios came to this area.

    3. SSDs are not needed. Though 1 is on its way for our server to cut down on backup times and the 1TB Green will be used for the backups and such. I'm confident in my hardware though sufficient back up measures are in place.

    4. This is true, but not in all cases. This is 100% mine and I rely on no one. I can host anything I want on this server. I choose to host certain things on the Raspberry pi because I was gifted a few and wanted to see what I could do with them. I'm happy with this set up. It works. No need to change it.

    5. For this price, no. I did the homework and decided this was the way that best suited my needs and what I wanted to do with the machine.

    6. The server runs over very little load and the temperatures are way below anything worth blinking an eye at. I have one rear exhaust, the exhaust from the PSU(Not doing much but something is better than nothing) 1 fan is providing direct airflow to the main HDD keeping it colder than your opinions. This build runs cooler than my cell phone under normal load. An intel cooler does the job just fine. This is not a gaming rig. Suggesting to water cool a server which runs near idle most of the time tells me you really arent 100% on what you are talking about. The stock intel fan is a piece of junk and is more than capable of handling CPUs under heavy loads. Only after you get into games that are under a sustained load or until you begin turboing or overclocking a CPU do you need to move into higher air cooling and ultimately water cooling if you wish.

    Again, this is a home server for minecraft and some source servers. I'm not trying to run the world greatest server hosting company. Over the past 2 years we have been hosting several heavy load modpacks servers for us and friends of the community with 0 issues and 0 performance worries. We have ran, Tekkit, DW20, Unleashed, Mindcrack, and our currently our custom modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/go-for-launch.194565

    Along side a vanilla server, a creative vanilla, several skyblock servers, and another custom server for a friend. No issues. No worries. World files are backed up, compressed, and sent to the raspberry pi for safe keeping if we need them.

    You do not need a Xeon series board/CPU and a server rack with 8 HDDs to accomplish something as trivial as hosting minecraft servers.

    And as my first build in server configuration and operation I think we have done more than well for ourselves and the whole journey has been an awesome learning experience which I will reflect on when we upgrade to a larger platform in the future.

  6. Hey I own and manage a smallish community for about 2 years now. I jumped right into tekkit not knowing a thing and then launching a server just days later on my gaming rig with huge success and popularity.

    After awhile and through some donations I was able to build a dedicated server in house for all our needs. It runs anything we need it to and much more. I also have a raspberry pi running a small file server which hosts our modpack download, community files, community texture packs, and our channel log website.

    I was just looking to see how many others out there are doing similar things as us and what kind of hardware you guys are running.

    Here is what we are rocking. Very much overkill but it works great.


    Case: BitFenix Shinobi

    MotherBoard: ASRock B75M R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel B75

    CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost)

    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LP 16GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

    Boot Drive:GB WD Black Notebook Drive

    Storage: HDD 1x WD 1TB Green

    Adding a second 1TB Green in the near future

    PSU: Corsair CX430M 430w Modular

    I run Centos 6 as our OS. I used to use Ubuntu but I prefer centos for this sort of stuff.

    My Speed information. The upload is more important here than the download of course.


    I am fortunate enough to have gotten the donations to build the server and still very fortunate to have capable internet.

    Heres my personal pros and cons of home hosting. If you want to mention more go for it.


    - Full control over all updates, content, plugins, and databases.

    - I control maintenance times

    - No monthly bill. Though the system cost around $640 total It has already paid for itself.


    - Biggest con is power or internet outages at the host site

    - Though through 2 years experience we have found ways to safely stop, save, and backup files in these situations.

    - No support. You either know what you are doing or you don't. The internet is a great place to find info but if something breaks its on you to fix it. I taught myself enough linux to get this going and I am still learning everyday to better player experience. Luckily we have some network and server admins in our community that can help out if need be.

    Just thought this could be a cool post and maybe turn into a resource pool for other home server hosts.

    Feel free to check us out at : http://www.secondarygaming.us/

    Feel free to contact me with interests in me hosting a server for you!

  7. No problem. You should be good with 497. Any mekanism related bugs you find or crash with feel free to PM me about. I feel like at this point One of my more java savy admins and I have found them all and how to fix the ones that can be fixed.