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  1. This server has actually turned out to be pretty good. By running all of the anti-grief plugins, there are very few banned items and although the server is relatively new, it already has a pretty good system of management set up. I would recommend this server to all 'tekkit'eers.

    I appreciate your kind words. Me and my staff have worked extremely hard on this server, and it's good to see happy people.

  2. Reload! - A Tekkit 3.1.2 Community!

    1. NOTE: Server IP Updated as of Feb-1-2013!

    IP: reloadmc.no-ip.org:25602

    Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/reloadmc

    • What is "Reload"?
      - Reload is not just a server; we are an entire community focused on making Tekkit an enjoyable experience. There is the server, the sub-Reddit page, and a website (in the progress).
    • What makes this server different from any other?- Most server owners are content simply banning items that they are unhappy with. We focus on trying to make the player happy, though. While we have banned certain items that have to easy work-arounds, we've focused more on configuring our plug-ins, policies, and configurations to allow our users to use as many items as they would like!
    • But wait, what about RM/DM/EE griefing?- Ah, every server's worst nightmare; griefing. We're running a combination of Towny, GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, and CoreProtect to prevent griefing! In the event of griefing, we also have the EE patches applied to CoreProtect to allow us to not only rollback a damaged area, but also identify the griefer who used an EE item to grief! Handy!
    • Ok, that's nice, but what about the staff?
      - Our staff currently consists of the owner, the lead administrator, and three administrators. All staff has been hand-picked by the owner based on their maturity, experience, trustworthiness, and helpfulness. The owner did not simply pick random people based on forum applications. Also, all staff communicate via Skype, whether or not they are logged into the server.
    • What's the best part about this server?
      - The most important aspect of the server is how much time and dedication the owner and the staff have put into it. We review server logs on a daily basis not only to look for "bad" players, but also through error message to determine any plug-in issues. We pride ourselves in having compatible plug-ins that work hand-in-hand with eachother and with the Tekkit mods.

    Now, on to the details!

    • Plugins- Buycraft
      - ChestShop
      - ChopTree2
      - Citizens
      - CoreProtect
      - Essentials
      - GriefPrevention
      - Lockette
      - MonsterHunt
      - NPCWarehouse
      - Towny
      - Vault
      - WorldEdit
      - WorldGuard
      - iConomy
      - mcMMO
    • Banned Items- Black Hole Band
      - Void Ring
      - Destruction Catalyst/Cataclysm
      - Mining Laser
      - TNT/iTNT/Nukes
    • Staff
      - Xariath [Owner]
      - Spunkmyre [Lead Administrator]
      - IrishJ3di [Administrator]
      - sneakysneak001 [Administrator]
      - pyroegg [Administrator]
    • Rules
      - No griefing
      - No stealing
      - No spamming
      - Keep swearing to a minimum
      - No PVP (PVP disabled)
      - Do not use Philosopher's Stone on any area except your own
      - Do not ask to be an admin
      - No advertising
    • Pictures
      - Coming soon!
    • Extras- Server is hosted on a dedicated IP
      - Server uses redundant DNS servers for the DNS resolutions
      - The owner is an experience network engineer with tons of technical experience; perfect for troubleshooting any server issues
      - An optional item shop where you can purchase in-game items, such as tools, materials, and more. You can also donate on there as well! Please see the link posted at Spawn if you're interested in checking it out. (I won't post the link here as I do not want people to think I'm soliciting for donations on the forum)









  3. Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Having an issue on my server. New people cannot do .. well, anything. They can't break blocks, they can't place blocks, they can't hit animals, and mobs don't respond to them. This is all areas, not just spawn. I'm assuming it's a permission issue with one of my plugins, but I cannot seem to be able to narrow down which one is causing the issue.

    Tekkit Classic 3.1.2




    Enjin Minecraft







    I set the permissions to "*" in my PermissionsEx folder for default users, but that doesn't seem to change anything.

    Anything help would be great. Please let me know if you need any information from me. Thanks!

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