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  1. How would I make sure my GPU is being used properly?
  2. I'm using the Default texture pack. I really wish I had a way to force Java to use all the cores on my CPU :/ Also, the only reason I'm complaining is because alongside radical FPS changes comes radical Mouse Sensitivity changes, and it causes really clunky movements that aren't very fun to play.
  3. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Hardware_performance scroll down. Yes, I know this is vanilla minecraft. However, I get roughly the same FPS on Tekkit as I do on vanilla. Also, yes I know that they could easily be lying. However, I have personally seen a friend get over 450 FPS, so I don't think 600 would be too impossible.
  4. No, I mean, people WITH the 8350 have like 600FPS on minecraft.
  5. Except for the part where an FX 8350 is like the best AMD processor on the market right now, and people have easily gotten over 600FPS on Minecraft, so...what?
  6. Here's my AMD settings: And my Disc Usage is around 10%.
  7. I have Skype, the server, and the client up. I'm actually unsure how to check disk usage.
  8. Drivers fully updated, optifine doesn't seem to be installed in Tekkit Lite...
  9. Hello, I was not entirely sure what category this thread belonged in, so I'm just putting it here since I play Tekkit Lite the most. Basically, I'm getting a really choppy framerate. That means, anywhere between 40-80 at any given moment, and it's getting quite obnoxious. My CPU only uses like 25% of its power MAX. This is while hosting and playing Tekkit Lite. GPU never goes above 20% utilization. PC Specs: Windows 8 64 bit AMD FX 8350 8 Core 4.0GHz XFX HD 7850 DD 8GB RAM, I think at 1600 clock speed updated 64 bit Java What do?
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