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  1. Fixed So for future reference, if anyone has problems with a game hang, whilst looking at mobs, try re-installing everything technic related, ( of course back up your saves first )
  2. I know that feeling thieving gits So re-installing the launcher, entered tekkit no crash...Yay Went to download AOTB-T pack, consult modpack author lol, it's not my day. Edit : Downloading now, just as i post the above statment
  3. Thanks, really need the ender pearls and i feel dirty cheating them in lol
  4. Does it on tekkit Side note, Does not happen On FTB's Horizons, thinking i might have to re install technic launcher, essentially fresh and clean install
  5. I get this problem too, i settled to using thermal expansion power for both, the other problem is the refinery not draining fuel out, or taking oil in, ( from pipes and tanks ) So yeah i think it's a bug too
  6. Not a thing comes up in console gonna see if this happens in tekkit
  7. nope no crash log just the Java platform SE is not responding how Away to do the console option now
  8. I don't, i have to manually close the program through task manager, it's strange that it hangs there i might let it crash and go through the motions automatically instead of a manual close to see if it generates a crash report
  9. I don't, this is because the game hangs In a ( not Responding ) state as soon as "steve's " eyes look at a enderman, Going to start a new world plant a few enderman around and see what happens Edit : Still happens on new world, Could it be Java ?
  10. Problem still exists, after reset, at first i thought it was the texture pack i was using, however is disabled that.
  11. thank you i'll go try that now and report back on here
  12. I have not , is that just a case of deleting the folder in .Tehcnic then allowing the launcher to download the pack again, then adding my world back into the folder ?
  13. Hello everyone First off all great mod pack, love it, however... Everytime i look at a Enderman the game crashes, off course this is a problem if i am needing pearls. Any help would be appreciated and i will give as much information as needed Thanks in advance.
  14. yeah placed 10 in a row , and them boom all flipped, could it be forgeEssentials permissions causing corruption ?
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