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  1. All whitelisted. Also no one has been playing recently so tell me if I should just take the server down
  2. Ok I've turned the whitelist back on and everyone is whitelisted message me if you have any problems
  3. If it is just you getting it then it is not my fault. If anyone else is getting it please tell me and I will try to fix it.
  4. Sorry it took so long but the server is back. Plus for now I have removed the whitelist so anyone can join. Thank you all for your patience. Unfortunatly I lost the old world so we will have to start fresh.
  5. Sorry that the server has been down but my computer got wiped. I will try to get it back up soon
  6. The server will be down while I try to fix some problems with my internet. I will try to get the server back up as soon as possible when my internet is fixed. When it is back up I will post it here.
  7. Sorry if the server went down, I was just changing some settings. It's up again now
  8. You have all been whitelisted plus I upped the max players to 8 so everyone can play together P.S Sorry if the server was down for a while. It should be fixed now
  9. Ip: Rules: Griefing will result in an immidiate ban. Try to keep swearing to a minimum. No hacks Banned Items: No Items are banned just don't be stupid and nuke someone's base I made this server so me and my friend could play together but now we've decided to try and get some others to join Uptime: Server should be up 24/7 Members will be notified if the server will be down. So far there's just me and my friend playing and we wan't people who will play properly instead of just blowing everyone up. Application: Username: Age: How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Do you know much about Voltz?: Why do you want to play on this server?: What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: pictures will be coming soon
  10. Name: Shane IGN: ledgeman Age: 12 Tell us something about yourself: I like building cool things and experimenting. Time Zone: GMT Ever Banned? If so why: I've never been banned Why do you think this servers for you: I have been looking for a good tekkit server for a while now and this one looks nice and hopefully I'll be able to learn some new things Tekkit Experience: I know the basics of tekkit but nothing too complicated
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