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  1. The server is offline right now, I guess It might be over ... Why can't I find a good server that doesn't go down after like a month ...
  2. I suggest you guys hurry, because soon enough, I will dominate this world, and doom will rain above your roofs =D I have already rained doom over the Nevrosert's roof. Fear me mortals, doom has come to this world !
  3. What made it funny is the most noticeable mistake is "bare", it should be "bear". And I noticed you posted that samee post on VoltsSpark, on CKVolts and on Whakapapa :)
  4. I haven't been able to connect ever since May 2nd, Maybe even the 1st. And looking at axls's profile, he hasn't been on ever since April 24th.
  5. Even though I don't plan on using atomic science (too much maintenance, and I hate maintenance), You should still put the redmatter as banned, it can ruin the world in a matter of minutes :P
  6. Information that is relevant, I guess Ill use a joining form from an other forum post: IGN: QchaosHow long have you played Minecraft for: since Classic (Alpha) How long you have played Voltz for: a few months Why do you want to join this server? Whitelisted servers are a bit more restrictive on player base Location: Quebec (GMT -5, EST) Age: 18 (I have skype) Other: I am more passive than PVP, so I'll be likely to hide myself in a corner of the map and build an unpenetrable defense.
  7. This has to be one of my favorite submissions, not many people says something like "PUBLIC POWER PLANT" and help people (Some does, but they don't when they get in), all the others just write something like bunkers and missile wars and all that...
  8. I find myself unable to connect to the server (I just don't even detect it). Is it normal ? I just reinstalled my computer so I might have missed something. Normally it works, but now it seems like it doesn't. Edit: I think it is a socket issue, which I don't really know how to fix, I just got one again, I wonder why...
  9. Don't worry, there is "chaos" in my name, and I don't spread chaos around me (most of the time... =D)
  10. As long as you attack nobody unless a war is declared (which needs to be approved by both nations' leaders), a massive silo thing MIGHT (I don't know all the rules, since I am a freelance) be fine... But remember that if you start to build up arms, other nations will too, and maybe even faster than you.
  11. One way camo is obsolete, ghost blocks too (camouflage block is a combine of both). The rest don't really share function. You can still test the rest, but the one-way camo and ghost-block are both remplaced by the camouflage block.
  12. For the secret room, I would have to disagree, the camouflage block has a major flaw, you need to configure it entirely, while the secret room stuff can be a fake looking shelf that is a lever and a part of the shelf being a fake shelf (both can't be walked through). But the camouflage can only be used as normal blocks, there is no redstony fun to do with it. A secret room made with camouflage blocks inside a house is pretty easy to find (much easier than with secret room mod) As for the converter thing, I was thinking more about Railcraft's steam system that is a pain in the butt (when you blow up your machine room because you want to power a simple rolling machine...). I never got problems with NetherOres, or I am used to the lag it causes (if it does). I guess the laggy part in this is probably the explosion from the ores, which causes an overflow of entities or something.
  13. Seeing as the new technic allows for custom packs, I would see quite a few mods in: 1. Redpower Wiring/logics (the automation would overlap assembly line if we took it, so just the redstone upgrade is good) 2. Possibly Optifine for the client-side 3. Smart Moving could be nice 4. Sometimes seen as hacking, TreeCapitator 5. SecretRoom and SoulShards looked like nice stuff 6. Simple but cool, Rotten Flesh to Leather (pretty sure you can make higher the ratio of rotten flesh/leather) 7. I would have proposed the Liquid Metal, but it a buildcraft addon, probably cannot be made for UE 8. Possibly Powercrystal's Powerconverter if you intend to put any other mods (can also be used from UE to Railcraft) 9. NETHER ORES !!! (from PowerCrystal too) Am I the only fan of nether mining ? well, this is my jewel, my dream, my eternal friend ! 10. FlatBedrock is nice for underground building (I like PowerCrystal's mods, alright ?) 11. You could get his minefactory, but I guess it would overlap too much on UE.... 12. Better Anvil, because a max level sucks For now my list is pretty much done, but I might think of some others in a near future. PS: The new launcher doesn't allow for manual choice of version, so the server is currently unplayable using the new launcher. Edit1: Now that I think of it, PowerConverter allows you to have like any sort of machine you want, as long as you disable the generation from other mods: (i.e.) You can put IC2 in, but remove the generator (which would concequently make the other energy generation of IC2 impossible, you would have to transform it from UE) I know the answer would be no, but I am just saying...
  14. Seeing as my plans for what I do are different now, I agree, considering this huge patch's changes. We would need though, first and foremost, to have the approval of nation owners.
  15. I don't usually complain about it, but MCSpock, you could have made your post into a single one (if you forget a detail, just edit it). Also david71399, Wouldn't the door be easier using the Vox kinda pack, otherwise, good luck to make a huge vault door without redpower :P
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