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  1. It can't a be just a driver issue i can play other games using OpenGL i can even run the OpenGL tests in GPU CAPS if it were a driver issue no OpenGL would work it's something with Java or LWLGL possibly the way there using the driver in this case it seems it can get the info to start OpenGL if it were a driver issue nothing would work using that part of the driver AKA OpenGL and how come normal Minecraft does not have this problem leaning more to a Java issue as normal Minecraft ships it own JRE, P.S I am a games programmer so, I do know a little about this stuff. I was asking to find out of there was a known fix I also know that if OpenGL in the driver was broken most of my games would be broken. What might be a better option is if the launcher does the same as the normall launcher and ships with Mojang's version of Java and runs the games though that.
  2. Ok so, I have Mincraft Std install and fully working I'm Running an Intell HD 3000 Chip GPU Caps reports OpenGL as: OpenGL 3.1 (Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 with 130 ext.) Intell Do not provide windows 10 drivers for my Card but i am running the latest 8.1 X64 drivers for my card and normall Minecraft from Mojang's launcher runs fine so this should can't be a driver issue it's something going wrong in starting any mod-pack versions of minecraft
  3. Just in case your all think this is Dead it's Not I'm currently on a rebuild from scratch for Version 3 i'm going to try and make it more of a Server manager than a World Manager, Allow you to host more than one world from the Server interface if there are any Experienced Java programmers that would like to help please contact me also i'm looking for Web Developers / Designers to help with the Web Interface please note we're using jQuery UI styles so that people can make there own theme's or role out a default one from jQuery UI the defaults are pre-installed into the server system
  4. Ok Guy's i'm looking for a Java Developer to help me port this code to Java i'm currently working on Version 2.0 (the Java Version) Just to keep you guys in the loop What i have ported: Server Manager (control of the Server your using) Web Server (What servers the WebSite files to the browser) Web Server now has support for post! (new feature in 2.0) AJAX Handlers are Built Command line arguments Implemented and updated no longer tekkit in the CLA's (Command Line Arguments) --max-memory=, --min-memory=, --server-path= Allowing for short hand versions of CLA's Where the order is the same as above -mx=, -ms=, -p=
  5. I'm currently porting to a java application instead of a C# one, it does handle restart of the Server application not of the physical server it should work with none tekkit servers Will add you and why is it not working what error are you getting?
  6. only occasionally there is 2 Programmers plus the server on this network so sometimes we overload it
  7. yeah i'm running Tekkit Server with 4 people and only using about 1.2GB then my manager app uses about 200MB at it's peak, and thats on an Intell Core 2 Duo with 4GB of Ram running a full windows 2012 server with DNS, DHCP, IIS, Web hosting control panels and the only problem i have is Upload speeds and thats on 100MB down and 20Mb up
  8. i hear that one this is not a coder by what you have said it's config and setups so you're looking for someone with experience in managing a minecraft server
  9. Thanks lol, Dyslexia the amount of time i spent checking that and it was still missed Added Version 1.5.1 to post enjoy
  10. Well, It's now up and running in Java so it should work across all OSs so Version 2 is now in Beta please Test. As for Licensing this is Open Source even though i have not released the source yet, you can use as you see fit, change as you see fit do what ever you want with it, this software is provided with no obligated support however if you ask on the forums i will try to help you News Version 3.0.0 (in progress) I know it's been a long time i have been busy with life commitments however i have not dropped this project far from it the rebuild to version 3 is coming, I have been planning how this is going to work for the last couple of weeks and yesterday i started work on the new codebase this is a complete rewrite from ground up with a lot of new systems coming into play. So here is what is planned: 2 Web Servers running one is going to be for Server Owner the other for Minecraft Server Operators this is to keep the 2 sections completely separate and secure. The reason for this is going to support Multiple Instances of Minecraft servers running from a single physical system system. the Server Application tie-in for the console redirection to web browser is completely changing with the new web server we can produce a constant output stream to the browser i'm also moving the communication between the web site and Java Server Manager to use JSON RPC 2.0. Fancy helping? If you would like to help me with this please drop me a PM I am in need of a good Web Designer to build some nice layouts.any Java developers would be a grate helpyou can find the source code as i am building it at Features Version 2.0.0 (Beta) It's here multi-OS support moved code from C# to Java there are a couple of thing that need implementing for version 2.1, there will be the XML data for the config. Added new short hand command line variables -p={path} this allows you to set the path to your server .JAR file it does not have to be tekkit-mx={memLimit} this allows you to set the -Xmx limit for java-ms={minMemory} this allows you to set the -Xms limit for java please remember to run a Java Server need to run it via Java can can do so with the following code, Comments If you would like to change the UI yourself and your good with HTML / CSS / (Javascript using jQuery) you can do so all code is in the WebSite folder. Feedback Please leave any feedback below this includes comments and suggestions, i am however looking for a Talented C# developer to help me build a plugin installer into Admin Panel so if you're good and understand how HTTP File Uploads work please send me a PM with some example of work and i will have a look Or if there are Good Java programmers that will help me port this to Java so that it becomes platform independent that would be useful when i started this i did not plan on releasing it so it really needs porting to be JAR file