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  1. Where can I find a new tekkit lite version? All I can find is 0.5.7 and that's what I'm having issues with edit: nevermind, I found out I still had the old techniclauncher and I couldn't choose the new builds, trying it out now.
  2. Have this problem as well, there was an earlier post about the same thing on here and I posted there as well. To go further though, iron doors and the like will not "open" on my screen. The opening noise is made, but the block the door is on doesn't update to open. Albeit I added optifine to tekkit lite, so maybe that's what's causing it, but I don't have that problem on my vanilla minecraft with the same version of optifine.
  3. Just found this one today, not completely finished, but I'm liking it so far.
  4. For some reason my generator, macerator, extractor, and electric furnace (maybe more), rotate so that what normally is the top of the block is facing me. I don't know how to change this and it's getting annoying not being sure what machine is what. Any suggestions as to what I need to change? I even went back to the default texture pack to check and it is the same there, on top of that I tried re-placing the blocks saving and then logging back in and it just rotates them down again. Edit: Sorry about this post, apparently it's a problem with IC2 itself, not this patch (The patch works wonderfully ). I didn't delete this post in case someone else has the same problem and comes here. Here's a link to the bug: