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  1. Mature gamers only! IP: tekkit.wirenut.org Admin: bcbuckles [Looking for knowledgeable moderators] This is a tekkit lite server for players like me who looking for a smaller server. This gives us the option of using more advanced plugins, create more machines, and more that isn't possible in larger Tekkit servers. This is a PvP survival server, and that's exactly how it should be played. I encourage players to build cities, forts, traps, factories, armaments, etc in order to survive in this adventurous world. And since PvP is enabled, you'll want your base to be able to protect you from hostile players! Rules: no griefing, no laggy contraptions Banned Items: Nukes(For Now), world anchors, other laggy/malicious items What IS allowed: pranks on your friends, stealing from poorly defended players Plugins: World Edit, Essentials, Group Manager, MobSettings, WorldGuard, LWC Your opinions and suggestions for the server are always welcome. PS. this could turn into a nuclear race...
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