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  1. WHILE the server is down... lets point fingers at everyone! But me... because.. I defiantly.. dint.. crash the server. Anyway, anyone care to join me on the server Ventrilo? // 48121 // oicur12
  2. Sorry for the downtime server is being updated to the newest version of Tekkit Lite it should be back up in a couple of minutes.
  3. Hey guys, if your having trouble logging in make shure you restart your launcher. Then go to options by your Username and Password and make shure Allways use recommended builds is checked and that is is set to 0.5.7 | 1.4.7 | Rec. Build, if it is 0.6.1 i balieve it wount let you log onto the server. Hopefuly this should help pepole who could not log on. Also, Bump Edit : Dem pesky spelling errors