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  1. Planters aren't necessary for any plant that doesn't require re-planting after harvest. The harvesters are intelligent enough to recognize stuff like cactus, sugar cane and pumpkin/melons so you don't need planters for them. I'm not even sure if bone meal works on sugar cane. Typically anything you can bonemeal in vanilla you can use fertilizer on with MFR.

  2. Well I was going to post a link to my Dropbox account so you could download the archive but apparently it's against the rules. If you want you can PM me an e-mail address and I'll send it there.

  3. I know Steve's Carts has an automated crafting component somewhere but that's almost certainly far more work than it's worth. Outside of the AE Molecular Assembler (the big multi-block computer) I can't think of anything. There's also the machinist's workbench but I don't think that can be automated.

  4. You download the LoginMessage Forge Server file Rei has on his page (hidden in the entity radar spoiler section) and place it in your server's mods folder. You reboot the server and after that you should see a loginmessage.txt in your main directory for you to edit to your liking. Bukkit is 100% not required to get entity radar up and running

  5. Using crucibles to power your magmatic dynamos is a stepping stone only in my opinion, not a viable long term option. As Curunir said, the power consumed by the crucible(s) will probably come close to the output of the dynamos which rather defeats the purpose. If you're going for a magmatic setup then I highly recommend building an ender thermic pump and a pair of tesseracts, one for the pump and one for your dynamos.

  6. Yes it can affect the total weight, although the only thing on there that has any weight is the battery so usually it's a non-issue. Typically my only overheating problems occur when I go nuts with my railgun as even at 66% output it can still build heat in a hurry, even with the two heat sinks I have installed.


    It's unfortunate that you've experienced so many bugs. I've always found the mod to be pretty stable overall but user experiences vary I suppose. I actually really like how he implemented everything. The amount of customization is incredible and it just fits so perfectly with the modpack's theme. I couldn't imagine Tekkit without MPS :(

  7. As I've seen a few threads regarding MPS I thought I'd share my own loadout for future reference and provide a place for others to do the same.




    Energy Shield - Maximum

    Solar Generator

    High Efficiency Solar Generator (I'm unsure if they stack but the regular one doesn't weigh anything)

    Water Electrolyzer

    Radiation Shielding

    Airtight Seal

    Autofeeder - Maximum

    Night Vision

    Flight Control - 0%




    Energy Shield - Maximum

    Heat Sink - Maximum

    Elite Battery - Maximum



    Jetpack - Maximum

    Cooling System - Maximum

    Radiation Shielding

    Water Tank - Minimum Size, 75% Activation




    Energy Shield - Maximum

    Heat Sink - 4.69kg (This balances out the HE Solar and Radiation Shielding)

    Kinetic Generator - Maximum

    Sprint Assist - All maximum

    Jump Assist - Minimum Power, Maximum Compensation (I don't usually need it since I fly)

    Swim Boost - Maximum

    Uphill Step Assist

    Radiation Shielding




    Energy Shield - Maximum

    Shock Absorber - Maximum

    Radiation Shielding




    Axe - Maximum

    Pickaxe - Maximum

    Shovel - Maximum

    Shears - Maximum

    Lux Capacitor (All blue :) )

    Prototype Omniwrench (This doesn't seem to remove some items now but still useful for rotating)

    Leaf Blower - Maximum

    Flint and Steel

    Applied Energistics Wireless Terminal

    Thermal Expansion Multimeter

    Field Tinker Module

    Diamond Drill Upgrade

    Aqua Affinity - Maximum

    Melee Assist - Maximum

    Railgun - 20 Heat Emission

    Blink Drive - Maximum


    The whole suit comes in either right at or stupidly close to 25kg, which is the author's stated weight limit before you become a turtle :P

  8. As AetherPirate said you need to have the emitter connected to an ME network that contains the fluid/item (standard emitter works the same way) you want to monitor. If it's not hooked to a network then it will just keep the signal active, which shouldn't hurt anything unless you're using the emitter to turn on a machine. I typically use them to switch export buses on/off but that's me. It doesn't have to be pointed at anything in order to function though, it just won't be sending a redstone signal to anything if it's not :)

  9. Actually transfering energy between Tesseracts take a 20% loss.


    Yes, straight from TeamCoFH, as of TE3 there is zero loss in any way through tesseracts. They are considered to be a "link in space and time".

  10. Tesseracts require a conduit to be connected between them and a quarry as they don't output MJ. There is no power loss anymore from using a tesseract so whatever you put in RF wise is what gets sent to the quarry. If memory serves a quarry only takes up 60 MJ (600 RF) anyway so if that's what you're seeing then that's as fast as it gets.

  11. I actually only used three power generation models to get where I am at the moment. When I started I constructed 2 steam dynamos and fed them coal/charcoal (whichever I had handy at the time) to power a handful of basic TE machines. Once I had the resources I produced a battery (I believe it was 12 or 16) of magmatic dynamos fed by an ender thermic pump in the nether. This allowed me to set up a rudimentary ME network and expand my TE machines to handle automated quarry processing. With 2 full size quarries in storage I moved on to my current solution, which is a 12x12x12 passively cooled yellorium reactor. It took quite a while to get enough cryotheum for it (640000mB) but it was certainly worth it. The reactor itself consists of 36 fuel rods (10m tall obviously) grouped together in a 6x6 pattern and centered inside the reactor. Currently their control rods are set to 80% and it produces just shy of 50000 RF/t. This powers my base machinery, farms, quarry, and two laser drills.

  12. My current base is a vertical shaft extending from bedrock to around 105 or so. It occupies precisely one chunk (the walls are 18x18) and I built the various floors every 5 or 10 meters depending on the floor's use. Incidentally finding a mountain high enough and big enough around that I could only take up one chunk was a challenge in and of itself. The whole thing is encased in a non-interdiction forcefield (no PvP on my server) just because I can. The top floor is for beds and portals. The second floor, split into two 5m sub-floors, is entirely dedicated to deep storage units. I formed a U-shape (I have twin access shafts running the height of the shaft on the north side) and put a ludicrous number of DSU's in there hooked up to my ME network with item frames on those that have something stored in them. The third floor, again split into two sub-floors, is where my mineral/liquid processing takes place along with non-MAC production. The ME system's primary blocks are also set up in there. The fourth floor contains the MAC, which is currently 16x8x4 meters in size. The space above it is reserved for additional machinery should the need arise as processing is beginning to get cramped :P The floors below that are for various MFR farms. Below those I have two 10x10x4 mob traps set up. One is just for spawners I carted in using portaspawners and the other is for auto-spawners. The floor below that contains the power plant, a passively cooled cryotheum reactor that is 12x12x12 with 36 rods. At the very bottom is the chunk loader, forcefield apparatus, and sludge boilers as I didn't want something that could kill people hanging around in my processing room.


    Sadly I have no pictures (lazy) but honestly it doesn't look all that neat. I've always been more of a practical builder than aesthetic, although I do have a severe case of symmetritis lol.

  13. If you're pulverizing and smelting (and you should) your ores will always default to TE versions when there's overlap (ie Galacticraft has multiple copper but once pulverized it becomes TE's pulverized copper). On the off chance I'm exploring and come across non-TE variants of metals I have my processing room setup to pulverize the ingot and re-smelt it so my ingots are always the same type.

  14. One word.  Tesseract.  It can transfer items, fluids and energy, all through the same pair of blocks.  Energy has a 20% loss, but items and fluids have zero loss.  Works at any range, and between dimensions, as long as both ends are chunk loaded.

    There is no energy loss now apparently so hooray free teleporters.

  15. I've never had an issue with using an in-suit battery or overheating, short of going on a killing spree with my railgun anyway. I've also never run myself completely out of power as I find one fully charged elite battery is more than enough to get the job done. If anyone's interested I will post my suit specs for comparison.

  16. You need to put another power tap on your reactor and then hook both of them up to a tesseract or run the cable to your device. They need to be fed separately into the device otherwise they'll cap at 10,000 like you said. If the device only has one power input side try hooking a tesseract up to it and seeing if it can draw power directly from that. If that doesn't work I have no idea.

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