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  1. Guys, when i start tekkit lite it says that i need other mods like atomic science, how can i download the whole modpack?
  2. Hi everytime if i watch at voltz items it laggs hard, if i turn around it stops to lagg, wtf is that?! and my client keeps crashing after 3 minutes when im logged it and it say out of memory... how do i fix it i cant play anymore .-..-....
  3. Its okay azmic i got it it was my outdated java version :p
  4. I have 1 problem... in the nether my client suddenly crashed and if i try to connect now i cant join my client crashes in the first second i join to the server... can you fix this pls?
  5. Hi My centrifuge produces Uranium 235 and 238. The 238 Version is useless for me, cant make Fuel Rods with them, but what are they for? I have lot of them are they useless or can i turn them into the 235 Uranium version? ty in advance.
  6. Username: Cammino Age: 16 How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 1.8 Do you know much about Voltz?: Im new and want to play on a server without griefing to learn it. Why do you want to play on this server?: I want to learn Voltz without being scared of gettng griefed. What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: I would like to build the first machines and build base with nice mechanisms.
  7. Hi i installed Voltz version 1.0.13 and if i disconnect from a server it freezes and then crashes why?
  8. Can you help me pls? I installed your mod and im looking for servers to play with other people do you have any servers installed this mod?
  9. it works all fine but voltz 1.1.0... version does not work!
  10. wow man thanks you are so nice thanks for your help really i thought this community is nice but all just flaming me ok ty
  11. Noone helps me good job community
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