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  1. Map area from spawn I hope you can see where I am going with this.

    (1)+\+ |+/-(2)


    (3)+/- | -/-(4)

    I am sorry for the diagram again.

    I see a lot of people join servers to play on factions. The problem I have seen is nobody recruits people to their factions.

    [My idea]

    • X= x=0,y=0 or Spawn.
    • 1,2,3,4 are section on the map not multiple worlds. This is where people that leave spawn through a portal/warp.... will be placed onto the section random location or spawn.

      • After your placed on the map in any of the four sections you are labeled Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, This can be labeled to anything the server owner wants.

        • Further lets say a player has been playing on the server and wants to change sections he goes back to the portal and when he is placed on one of the other sections he loses everything and starts from scratch.
        • To avoid people trying to gain access to to certain sections put a time limit that prevents them from changing sections. Server owner can decide the time frame.

    [*]If the server is using faction for example they can recruit people from their sections and not from other section.

    • If you are from that section you can not grief others in that section but you may cross the borders and grief anyone in the other three sections.
    • I hope this will make people game together and possible build close to the borders to wage war against others across the boundary lines.

    1. --> My thought for the map is that lets say for example line 0,+/- 100....infinite are set in all four directions.
    2. Spawn out to random section and cant leave that section for a time limit.
    3. To leave that section you lose every thing and restart from scratch.
    4. If you cross the border you are marked as hostile and can not drop anything.
    5. Only thing I can think of to make people go back to their own land is double the hunger speed and lower the amount the food restores on the bar. maybe by half.

    Any ways I just thought of this I am sure there a lot of holes in this. I just think something like this would be really fun and get people gaming together again.

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