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  1. I try not to judge. I really try. But damn that man texting his virtual anime assistant that he might be home late due to the rain made me wince. I mean, it's great if you use it and take a liking to it fine, a little weird, I don't judge. I had a massive crush on Aladdin when I was kid, and he was just like lines drawn on a screen. But when you start treating it like a human being and start substituting actual people and social interactions for them, then I get a little sad and you might need to move on. It's like the beginning to an episode of Black Mirror of something.
  2. brb gonna go see if i can crowdfund my hot water and electricity bill
  3. Isn't that what scientists think it is? Your brain putting your body on the back burner (so to speak) to allow it to focus on sorting your experiences from the day?
  4. Is anyone up for plug.dj? I can make a room. Nvm, forgot tomorrow was a Monday and I have WORK.
  5. Don't forget there are rumblings of Scotland leaving the UK based on this. The biggest blow is that the older generation basically decided the younger generation's fate for the next who-knows-how-many decades, despite the younger generation heavily voting to stay. Super shitty.
  6. The only conference I'm looking forward to with any sort of interest is Bethesda's, only to see more Dishonored 2.
  7. I did. It was fun, but it could have been more fun if I knew how aim properly.
  8. Congratulations, if I was still in high school, that would've been my yearbook quote.
  9. The Dalmatian coast is beautiful. I spent a year in Croatia after college and that summer Joss and I and a couple of friends went down and spent a week each in Split/Makarska/Dubrovnik. Not much to do there though except sightsee and sunbathe.
  10. You're a chef, right? What'd you do, slice your finger open?
  11. I got up to what if i wrote a program and then I got lost.
  12. My favorite part is guessing how many pages it takes up each time.
  13. Edit: formatting probs. I love Darth Emo. He's a very different type of villain than Vader/Sidious and I like that. His temper tantrums and hissy fits make him more hateable and turn him into a villain that you look down on instead of fear.
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