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  1. Server has had some bad issues this last week and is now fixed :)
  2. Kind of want to clear some stuff up we are not running a faction server due to there to many and its not every ones cup of tea
  3. ok here you go that should be it http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/voltz/Voltz_Server_v1.1.3.zip
  4. What about the proximity detector, missile coordinator and how to set up a dedicated server for voltz?
  5. Nice, atleast i didt had to wait like a day like last for you to update the post ;)
  6. More Plugins are now installed and looks like a good day with 0 lag as always
  7. Well you mean the other one this server broke but yeah thanks anyway dude :)
  8. Ok server is back up just had an issue with the ramdisk, all is good now Update More Slots, RAM Increased to 10GB (may be bumped up to 14 soon) Shops added
  9. Not sure i think milky has crashed it big time due to adding plugins that are ripping the shit out of the server, Ps dont let milky touch the server :)
  10. well im sorry to say we no longer own the server as we cant afford to run two
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