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  1. Question, does your dad fix computers for everyone around? If so then why are you asking for help here? I am the go to person when it comes to fixing computers in my circle. I have cleaned thousands of viruses, a few worms, and even had to fix corrupted paths (college days, meh). I know what I am talking about when I say that AVG sucks. Most of my friends at college used AVG and would get infected with viruses all the time. I would come and have to clean them. Some would be automatic using better software, and combofix when I needed to clear out a rootkit. Some would be more devious and I have spent up to 48 hours straight manually cleaning viruses from people's systems. You may trust your dad, but more than likely he has a lay-understanding of viruses. He probably does not actually know what a worm is.

    The definition of a worm is a program that self replicates to infect other computers. It will spread usually across a LAN, and then into another network when an external connection has been established. A worm differs from a virus in that it does not need to actually attach to any other program. It is this specific feature that tells me that you dad does not know what he is talking about with it being a worm. If it were a worm it would not bother with the replication of a directory. Neither would the replication of said directory actually cause a crash of a system. It would cause a headache when one tries to delete said directory.

    Now I never said that it was a program keeping the folder locked. I stated that as one of the reasons they stay locked. Now even if it were a virus, you most likely would never see it in the task manager as most modern viruses run in such a way as to not show up on there. If a virus is embedded in a dll file (dynamic link library) then one would never see it in the task manager, and AVG really struggles to clean, or even detect those types of viruses. You say that it is our opinion that AVG is bad. Well, we are using an informed and educated basis for which me make such opinions. When the lsass virus hit OSU back in 2007 AVG did little to protect against it. That one was a pain to deal with because it was so wide spread. I ended up cleaning over 100 computers in one week when that happened.

    Tips, next time you seek advice, either go to your dad, or ask someone else. Either way, listen to the advice given and try it. You might just learn something. Asking for tech support over the internet means you are seeking a favor from a stranger. That stranger has taken time out of his/her day to try and assist. The very least you can do is listen, and try the advice. If you go in with the notion that you know what is wrong, even when you might very well be wrong, the likely hood of wasting the time of those trying to help is quite high.

    Lets look at it from an empirical stand point. You can assume you know it is a virus, but then again you can also assume you can walk on air. Just because you assume something does not make it true. So if you were to test, by means of taking the advice above, you may or may not have found that it was a virus. Just as if you were to test if you can walk on air you may or may not break your ankle in the attempt.

    Now what the above poster said is true. Most tech support you call over the phone have a database that they search. They will tell you to follow specific steps, even when those steps are most likely wrong. This is because they really do not know what they are talking about. They think if it is yellow and frozen it must be a lemon snow cone. It does not matter that it smells bad. I have had many an argument with my ISP tech support, because they would insist their systems were fine, and the issue must be at my place. Every time it turns out that I was calling and letting them know of the crash as it was happening, and they do not like to listen to such information most of the time, because it deviates from their steps they have been told to never stray from.

    Another question. If you needed major surgery, and your dad said he could do it better than the surgeon, would you trust him on that also?

  2. I wonder if this person even understands the difference between a virus and a worm (no they are not the same thing). Most likely there was a transcription error (either copying to a bad sector of the HDD, corruption in RAM, or something else) that caused the creation of redundant directories. And to assume that AVG is correct, that it is a virus is not the best idea. AVG misses so many viruses, and gets even more false positives through heuristics (look it up). Just because AVG says something is bad does not mean it is. I remember when I was on AVG, and this is when I decided to move off them, it was detecting ENBSeries injector as a virus and deleting it as soon as I would put it into my install folder. ENBSeries is completely trustworthy.

    Now, there are a few times when programs and folders cannot be deleted in windows. When they are in use by another program. this can be malicious or benign and can be caused by a background operation that was not closed when the main program closed, or by a service that is run by Windows. This also happens when a virus is hiding and keeping the file open. This can sometimes be to prevent the antivirus software from running a heuristics scan and finding suspicious operations.

    Another point where a file or folder does not delete is when the filename or path is too long, as stated above. With both of these possibilities the answer is easy, download the stupid unlocker program that is indicated above by the person you wrongly insulted, and then use it to clear the offending file. If you want to be sure it is not a virus or malware, then get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and scan the system. Most likely you will find something, but nothing in the offending folder that you suspect is a virus. Another tip is to get rid of AVG and find a real antivirus. I do recommend malwarebytes for that also, it does the job and does not give me a headache about it.

    Read this ( http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html ), it also has a tool to delete locked files, just what you need. Stop being a dick to people who actually understand computers and are sacrificing their time to respond with helpful information and try what is offered. You may just learn something.

    I actually run malwarebytes pro as my main, with an occasional scan from ad-aware just in case. Ad-Aware misses so much also, and has a habit of listing some programs wrongly also.

    Yes, I stopped reading the replies after a few because he ticked me off.

  3. SO I was excited because I heard force fields were working in 0.6.1, and in the beginning they where, but what I'm noticing is that if you have several forcefields, controlled by wireless receivers and NOT gates, the shields will bug and not reactivate. I'm tried updating the repulsor config file to lessen the refresh rate, but no dice.

    Does anyone else have a similar issue? Has anyone figured out how to make them work with out bugging? Does anyone know if future version will be addressing this.

    Thanks and thanks and thanks.

    But a special thanks to the Tekkit crew.

    I am not yet on 0.6.1, but I assume this is similar to the issues I have with certain machines on the server I play. If they are controlled by a wireless transmitter and wire then when you leave the area there seems to be a chance that they will stop receiving a signal. I tend to fix this by manually opening the receiver and changing the frequency up by one, then back to the needed settings. This fixes the issue each time, but I do not understand why it happens. I have a chunkloader right there with it set to 3x3. So there is no way the chunk unloads while I am elsewhere.

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