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  1. Oh, also I'm using Tekkit as downloaded today (26/05/2013) - I think this is 1.5.1 but discuss here... I also quite like that mod where you can cut down a whole tree with just one block, I'm sure seasoned vets know what I mean....
  2. Hi there. Apologies if this is unwelcome here, but I'm trying anyway. I want to play on a public server that I control - the only problem is, I can't be bothered with the hassle of the admin role, controlling zones and rules and such, I just want to play! Hence, I want to set up a public server, not using my own (terrible) internet connection, but using one of the many available online pay versions - I am willing to pay the costs for a server, but I want someone who is able to admin it for me. Any takers? My rules would be no PVP unless restricted (ie I am quite happy for other players to fight each other but I have no interest in that), no enforced restrictions on non-stealing etc (but reasonable conduct guaranteed by admittance), server-based mapping (such as dynmap) and basically all functionality avaiable. I want someone to set this up and be an admin, but I will ultimtately have the final word. Any takers? If this is unwelcome, let me know and I'll take it down,